2002 Peugeot 306 Meridian Estate 2.0 HDI 90 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Had its share of problems, but will buy another well looked after model


Crankshaft dampers - two.

Electrical connector to cooling fan corroded and failed to start fan resulting in overheating.

Head gasket changed at 105000 due to overheating.

Engine management warning light coming on and going into low power mode. This was a problem which came and went for over 2 years. Finally cleared when corroded mass flow air sensor replaced.

Air conditioning needs recharging every year.

Last week did not start, the very first time it has not gone instantly, suspect fuel lift pump failed, this had been replaced by previous owner at 80.000?

General Comments:

Superb little flying machine, quick, comfortable, handles well. I commuted weekly from Suffolk to Somerset for 6 years, and this was so enjoyable to drive.

Estate version is tops for me, looks good in moonstone blue and does not show the road dirt!

I have a small private man, Peugeot specialist who looks after the car and is handy with the fault code machine.

Not as economical as I hope, 46mg, but as I drive it pretty quickly, I can't complain.

No faults with wipers or management systems - touch wood.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2009

2002 Peugeot 306 Meridian 2ltr HDi from UK and Ireland


Difficult to beat for all round performance


No major problems.

General Comments:

I first had a 306HDi Meridian from new when they first came out in 1998 a T reg - great car with excellent performance and economy.

Changed it early 2002 for an estate Meridian Hdi

Now bigger fatter alloys, electric windows all round and CD player in dash - still same great performance and economy 53 mpg - pity you can't fit the new engine in it.

Apart from a spell of engine management light coming on due contact fault with clutch cable, the a/con needing re-gassing - both dealer jobs and I changed the discs and pads 'cos its sooo easy to DIY, I cannot fault it - been to the Alps and back utilising the performance envelope (!) and still managed 50mpg over 1800 miles. Will be keeping it for quite a while.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2006

22nd Jul 2007, 11:14

306 HDis actually first appeared on the new Phase III in Spring 1999 on a T-reg. 1998 cars are either 'R' or 'S' plates.

T-reg 306s cover the transition between the Phase II and III, and are usually parts-bin-specials, where they have a mixture of Phase II ('97-'99) and Phase III ('99-'01) trim.

2002 Peugeot 306 Equinoxe 1.8 16v from Peru


Sporty, fun and cheap


Clutch cable broke approximately two months after purchase, replaced under warranty.

Started burning oil for inexplicable reasons at around 20,000 km, dealer blamed bad oil filter, replaced under 20K Service Warranty.

General Comments:

After constantly being ran around in circles in my Mégane by 306s, I went for the purchase and I can honestly say I'm sticking with Peugeot for the long run.

Handling is surprising for such a low-end vehicle.

Stock tires a bit tall - 185/85, changing them for 185/55 improved cornering a lot, though it introduced some unwanted chassis noise at high-speed turns.

Very economical, my Mégane, with a similar 1.8 16V engine needed a tankful of gas every 8-10 days, the 306 can go almost two weeks without getting thirsty.

Biggest (heh, smallest) problem is the size of the backseat, barely fits a regular-sized adult, although this is made up by the enormous trunk.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2004

2002 Peugeot 306 SE convertiable 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Complete utter rubbish


Engine speed sensor

High Level brake light

Locks, all

Oil leaks

Power hood motors

Power hood fuses

Power hood ECU

Power hood replaced twice

Water leaks to boot

Water leaks to cabin

Fog Light front failure

Electric window motors.

General Comments:

The car looks nice & drives nice, other wise it is a complete basket.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2004

26th Feb 2004, 20:14

Is that 306 convertible really a rubbish. what is the year built of this car?

2002 Peugeot 306 Convertible 1.8 from UK and Ireland


I think I received whats known as a Friday afternoon car


The rear window trim fell off when winding down window.

Under dash trim fell on your feet.

Both doors came loose on their hinges.

Seats wore badly and uncomfortable spot developed in center of the back.

Inside door handle casing pulled off.

The boot would not close without slamming hard.

Remote car stereo control did not work.

General Comments:

I decided upon the 306 convertible as I loved its look and flowing lines. It looks great with the roof up and down and space inside (for a convertible) was ample.

The suspension and handling was very good and the car always felt solid on the road.

My main cause for disappointment was the poor trim level and niggly problems with a car that was brand new.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2002