21st Jun 2001, 14:26

Have had a 306 Rallye for seven whole days. Boy o boy o boy. Took my 55-year-old dad for a spin. Straight road, full bore, change into third, look across at him - the smile was just great.

Best car ever!

26th Aug 2001, 10:52

The 306 rallye has left me breathless 'n I've only had it a couple of days! I've not had so much fun since being in a BMW M3. The car responds to the throttle in all gears like there's no tomorrow (ALL 6 OF THEM!) providing you stay at the upper end of the rev counter. The car has no creature comforts but that is more than compensated for by the sheer driving pleasure. At the moment I'm using any old excuse to take this supreme machine out for a spin! Need to keep an eye on the petrol gauge though! See ya guys 'n drive carefully!

24th Sep 2001, 13:12

The 306 Rallye really does kick ass. Really puts a smile on your face, lots of power and handles like a rabbit at a greyhound track. Licks most things on the road. You will have fun putting 106/206 GTis and Saxo VTR/VTS firmly in their place. Forget the misgiving with creature comforts, it's not like Peugeots are exactly luxury cars anyway. Much better VFM than a GTI-6 secondhand.

8th Jan 2002, 08:49

How impressed am I with the 306 Rallye? Very! It doesn't quite fire off the starting line with as much vigour as I would like but once it's moving (I.e. hitting 4500rpm in first) it doesn't stop pulling! I've never had a third gear which pulls the way it does in this car. When pushing it through the gears, there is no let up in torque and it seems to be in the power band at all times. I've had no probs with trim etc however I've have got one complaint - the turning circle it particularly crap. You don't notice it when you're motoring but it is bloody annoying when trying to park etc. My thoughts are prob exaggerated as my previous car was 4 wheel steer. In essence, if you're in the market for a hot hatch, this car has got to be at the top of your list. I've had one for about four months and I still dream about driving it!

31st May 2003, 04:40

What a great car this Pug is! I just don't understand why Peugeot is making so bland models nowadays! I can't see myself on a 307... Iach... What a nightmare!

25th Feb 2009, 07:57

Had it a week now, what a demon on the road. 4 branch manifold, K&M induction kit, savage car. Never thought I would be so quick.

Seany Fallons, my name I live in Galway if anyone wants a bit a fun.

26th Feb 2009, 11:52

Get a grip dude, K&N and your pugs the dominant force!

27th Feb 2009, 12:49

To the guy that said the Rallye is 120kg lighter, it is not true. A standard GTi-6 weighs 1214kg and the Rallye weighs 1163kg, so there is a 51kg difference. Still rather heavy when you compare to a 96 spec Honda Integra Type R that weighs over 100kg lighter than the Rallye at 1060kg. And it's a bigger car!

28th Feb 2009, 10:54

The boy has to be on the wind up with his message.

4th Apr 2009, 15:40

Honda Integra; yeah try putting one in a corner hard and it will spit you over the wall weight!!! Who cares, I've had my Rallye a year now and the guy I bought it off got a Subaru and killed it; after this he's ringing offering me double money ha ha. Anyways, I've owned 205 GTis and mi16s, but this thing put an old S5 away on the twists.

I wouldn't part with this motor until someone sawed my arm off, even the wife agrees, woo hoo.

5th Apr 2009, 11:13

Integra wipes the floor with this over rated pug.

24th Jul 2009, 13:36

What can I say, I've had my Rallye for 9 years and yet it still brings a smile to my face, yeah I have road tested others with a change in mind, but, I have found nothing out there that has the same smile factor as this little beauty, I think I'm gonna keep her for a while yet.