13th Dec 2008, 08:57

How's the same car with less power going to be quicker?

IE the xsi (eating alive) a gti6?

20th Jul 2010, 12:17

I have just brought a 306 XSi, and I really love it, it doesn't have any mods at all. The mileage is very high though at 187,000.

The cam belt was changed by the previous owner, and I'm getting it changed October this year, as well as a full oil change and new filter.

Any other advice on how to keep the engine running sweetly with such high mileage? I don't want her to die! I love this car!

5th Aug 2010, 06:59

I just bought a 306 XSI 8V (96p), and it seems to have every single common fault known on these cars; knackered rear suspension bushes, cutting out on idle, oil leak, blowing exhaust, warped brakes etc. Despite this, I will agree that the "torquey" engine and go-kart handling do make this a very fun car to drive, and although a 2.0 Focus may be quicker, they are nowhere near as smile inducing. A bargain at £240 with T&T (if slightly deathtrap-ish LOL!).

1st Feb 2011, 13:26

I have a 2.0 XSI and I think all these comments are laughable.

1. A GTI 6 will destroy an XSI. There's nearly 30 BHP difference!

2. The Focus and XSI are a great match and I would put whatever car lost in this race down to the driver's fault as they are an equal match.

Mine is a standard 135 BHP and I have personally never lost to a Focus 2.0 Zetec, but my friends have.

I'm also getting the engine refreshed and it is booked in for a remap and has a 4bar power boost valve, a cold air induction kit, a straight through decat exhaust system.

I'm getting the Pug RCZ 1.6 turbo in a few months.

22nd Feb 2011, 09:31

Anyone know how to change an alternator belt on a 1997 XSI?