12th Dec 2005, 08:12


You could've bought a new Golf GTi for that!

I'm pleased you like your car etc etc, but I think it's silly spending money like that on it.

Still, it's your decision, and you seem happy enough.

22nd Dec 2005, 09:24

I have always been a fan of the great dynamics of the 306, in my experience it seems to handle really well. But I agree the 1.4 is a pitifully poor performance machine, its the only car I have found SLOWER than my works diesel Escort van! The 2.0 litre is the way to go. I think you must be Mr 306 UK, has your car featured in any mags like Max Power? Would be great to see you get the recognition and admiration you and your 20+k 306 deserves.

31st Dec 2005, 16:21

Well what can I say? MAN I've STACKED IT :- (

The recent snowy weather has proven to be my downfall!

I was on my way to pick up my folks on Boxing Day, and the car simply lost control, I span 3 times, mounted the kerb and hit a lamp post.

Now my baby needs a new front cross member, new custom frontal body kit, a new radiator, new wishbones and to boot it transpired that the engine mounts weren't up to the job, thus allowing the engine to twist. In turn, this resulted in a broken offside driveshaft.

I also think the engine is now unserviceable and to top it off my new 19" Wolfrace rims are mashed!

Now this is the killer, and I need your advice guys...

If I'm honest, I was pulling a fast one on my insurance company, and haven't informed them of the latest modifications, including the engine transplant! The insurance inspector is booked to come and look at the car on Jan 3rd, and I'm worried he'll notice that I have a tuned 2.0 litre and not a 1.4 under the bonnet.

I've checked on Autotrader and the current market value for my car is about £1000. However, if I add up all my mods it should be worth about £17k - I'd hope to get £10k for it though, but I've been given a tentative write-off offer of £1200. That really chruns me up inside, it has ruined my Christmas.

To try and recover some of my hard earned pennies I think I'll have to sell my beloved parts - Anyone with a 306 interested in some top-of-the-line gear? If so, please leave a comment and I'll be in touch.

Realistically I think I've done everything I can to the 306, so it's time to move on. For anyone considering a 306, let me tell you they are FANTASTIC cars!

I think 2006 will see me taking on a fresh project and leaving the 306 behind - I quite fancy developing a high-performance Peugeot 1007, they're so radical in design and fresh on the modding scene.

Happy New Year to you all!