23rd Jun 2002, 17:26

These cars are very tyre sensitive. If you use cheap tyres or Dunlop SP Sports, the handling is shocking especially in the wet. I had Dunlops on mine and it would understeer off the road as soon as it rained.

You want Pirelli P6000's or Goodyear Eagle Venturas on it. If it still doesn't handle you've bought a lemon.

28th Oct 2003, 15:32


Perhaps you wish to savor the delights of an Astra or maybe a Golf?

I have driven faster cars. I have driven better made cars. I respect your opinion.

NOTHING in that price bracket touches the xsi for handling finesse. Nothing touches it for steering feel. Nothing touches it for unreliability either, but life is too short.

The Xsi is a brilliant WARM hatch. If you want go faster stripes stick with the Nova.

The Focus is near - and better for turn in - but not in the same ballpark for balance. I chopped in my Si for the much more elderly Pug and never looked back.

19th Nov 2004, 03:29

Are you for real, deluded or just merely attempting a wee 'Joke?'

The Xsi is a truly wonderful drivers car, with excellent turn-in, masses of grip and a finely balanced chassis that handles FAR better than many cars in the class above! I know, as I am now a teacher, which didn't pay well enough for me to keep my previous Audi coup 2.3 20V! However, the Pug beats that for handling and B-road performance!

Name me a better handling small hot hatch and I'll show you a tweaked, ugly, modified racer!

The Pug is renowned for its chassis and fine handling, and to say otherwise either shows a lack of knowledge or; and this is the rather unfortunate part, a badly maintained motor, a.k.a 'A duffer!'

I feel sorry if you bought a lemon, but I'd strongly urge you to try another Xsi; even for a wee test drive. You WILL change your mind, or my names not Jackie 'MacDuff' Stewart ;o)!

I'm off at 1pm today so I think I may well go out onto the twisty A-road near me in Edinburgh and see if I can whup some Bimmer 318is or even have a play around with a soggy mark 5 Golf 1.8T...ta ta!


5th Dec 2004, 01:55

Pug 306 XSi SP.

I always liked the look of the 306 and heard good reports about it, so I hunted for the right one for myself. When I saw the sporty red 2.0 litre 16v Xsi for sale with the full SP pack, Twin headlamps and a gorgeous bit of body kit I knew I had to have it.

The car looks very impressive and a lot of people have commented on how good it looks. The performance is also excellent, Handeling, acceleration, no complaints at all.

After only owning the car a month I can't comment on long term ownership problems or common faults. But after owning a 206 XSi 1.6, Saxo VTR, Escort 1.8 Si and now the 306, The 306 wins my vote every time.

It is a lovely looking car which provides a really smooth, comfortable ride. The interior is easy on the eye and I think it doesn't look dated at all. It also feels a lot more solid than some of the other cars I have owned which is nice, just for reassurance.

Now I'm not a boy racer, but I do, as I think a lot of people do, like to put my foot down a bit from time to time. (only when the roads are safe and clear and NOT in busy built up areas!!) Yet again, no complaints. The 306 pulls away almost effortlessly, with no loss of steering, grip or control of the car. So that is another reassuring fact.

I would recommend the 306 2.0 16v Xsi to any one looking for a good looking, safe, fun to drive hatch back. Maybe you would prefer a Golf GTI or something other. But I'm sure if you give the sexy 306 a try it will make you smile.

Drive Safely

T.B.W (Yorks)