12th Jun 2002, 13:04

Conrod failure on R and S reg 1.9 XUD diesels is not uncommon. Go to www.honestjohn.co.uk and look at the Car-by-Car breakdown page. Search for Peugeot 306 1993-2001 and you will see the fault commented on.

The most likely cause is the extension of service period from 6000 to 10000 miles, resulting in poor lubrication in the engine.

Get your finance company to use this as supporting evidence for your claim.

16th Jul 2002, 17:26

I have a 1997 model & have owned it for less than 2 years. I have also had the same problem with the con rods smashing through the side of the engine TWICE!! Peugeot did not want to know either, as they claimed that the car was too old (this was at the time of the first incident, Sept 2001). The latest incident happened yesterday. Both incidents occurred on the motorway. I do not know where to turn. The garage where I bought it from claim no responsibility and will only work out a deal to repair it. I do not think this is good enough, as it was regularly serviced by them and a relatively young car. 45,000 miles on the 1st incident and 57,000 on the latest. Any advice you can suggest?

7th Aug 2002, 05:27

Conrod? Punched through sump.

This week (Aug 2002) we had exactly the same problem with a 1998 306 diesel (72K miles) engine as Doddy (please see reference below re her post).

Doing 80 mph whilst overtaking on French autoroute resulted in a very big hole in sump & OS F tyre blow-out.

Expressions of sympathy / interest are welcomed via tigre@mymail.co.uk.

Doddy's post can be found at:


12th Oct 2002, 08:01

I run a claims administration department for a warranty company. One of our clients has experienced this same problem. I would suggest that Peugeot need to take action before someone is injured as a result of this defect. They have offered a 30% contribution toward parts provided the engine is replaced in a Peugeot garage! Is this at least an admission of liability? I welcome any feedback.

Neil Collins

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