7th Oct 2004, 08:52

I have owned my GTi6 for 2 years now and I can only agree with this review on two points.

1. The paint is a little bit thin and can stone chip easily, but the panels are galvanized so it won't rust.

2. The turning circle really is that bad when turning right, if you want to do a you turn best too be turning left and don't attempt them on a mini roundabout.

My GTi has never let me down in the 2 years I have owned it and I can't see myself getting rid of it for another couple of years.

8th Oct 2004, 07:44

This is quite an accurate article in the sense that the car does have bad interior quality and design.

But for the performance and handling, it has to be said is unbelievable. This is a hot hatch and not some type of contemporary failing such as the VW Gti Mk IV.

Everything you want out of a hot hatch, the pug gti-6 has.

I suppose each to their own, but I'm sure more people will be in agreement with me.

9th May 2005, 15:58

Dude you must have bought a right dog. My 6 has done 90k in its 8 year life span.

All I can say is these cars are awesome! Cracking engine (pulls like a steam train) perfectly balanced handling and loads of fun.

Yes components fail (as they do on all cars) but the engine are rock solid as long as you look after them.

25th Apr 2008, 09:11

One of the best handling and most rewarding front wheel drive cars ever made - I can forgive it everything else. Mind you, mine has been a lot better than yours.

6th May 2010, 22:56

This car is awesome. Yes a few problems, but what car hasn't. Don't be put off by this review; this car is wicked and will outperform even the new cars out there for the price of them. Now grab one while you can. Trust me, 0-60 in under 7 seconds and 6 gears; it's a wonder to drive. Find the right one and you will laugh at the opposition.

3rd Oct 2010, 16:15

My husband has just bought one of these, and I want to shoot him for it. Yes it's lovely, but the ridiculous right turn renders this car completely useless as a run around. Try it before you buy it, it's unbelievable.

19th Feb 2011, 17:36

I just bought my mum's off her. A one lady owner W reg. I used to own a Civic Type R new in 2003, and wonder why I ever bothered. Just an amazing car. Don't get lost, you won't need to turn round!