8th Aug 2005, 06:52

5th August post - what are you on about. I quite clearly stated that it was a hot hatch. Where did I also mention anything to do with a type R? Your opinion is unconstructive in its entirety. To claim Pug has never made any decent cars is anything, but astonishing. How about the 205 1.9 gti? or better still, the 306 gti6 which is the car that supposedly had to be better than the predecessor, and was successful in doing so according to Top Gear and one of the best cars ever made.

The bottom line is; don't comment on the GTi6 unless you have driven one.

20th Aug 2005, 10:56

I'm thinking about buying a 306,can't decide which is better as I have been in both a 306 G.T.I-6 and a 306 RALLY?Can anyone help me decide, as they both have a great deal of power and performance?

19th Sep 2005, 18:24

I bought a GTi-6 and love it (still), it is very nicely quick and easily outpaces most things on real british roads, where it excels.

Yeah, so I've had a speedometer verified 135mph out of it, and I'm sure it's inaccurate (all speedos are) but who cares? and yeah, it still had some go left in it, but even with its great brakes i'd have missed my junction :)

Everyone I know that's driven one has loved it, so go and have a go if you haven't.

Driving is what it's all about... and the GTi-6 rewards a good driver. excellent chassis that is rarely upset (be careful on fast corners, stay committed or the back end will step RIGHT out).

All-round great car. I love it!

30th Sep 2005, 05:31

The GTi-6 is an amazingly competent hot hatch, and in the right hands will outpace many supposedly "superior" sports cars.

Anyone interested in buying one should check out the owners club at www.306gti6.com for advice.

30th Dec 2005, 09:40

Driving a 306gti6 in Jerusalem.

During the past two years I had the greatest pleasure of driving a 6 in the streets of Jerusalem. Maybe the special presence of the great one JC made the difference. The fuel here is 95 octane and still the car climbs up the hills of this city as though a secret force is pushing it from behind.

The political conflicts here make it a must to take corners at top speed in order to dodge bullets and stones. This is a survival car in these parts, not a test of what it can do on the Australian flats. I'm still alive and no stones ever hit my 6's body. Zero to 60 has no meaning here. The only thing that matters is how fast and well you can take the corners.

30th Jan 2006, 11:42

Personally, I have driven my 6 in windy roads of lancashire, england for about a year now. The car is fantastic in all aspects, and all the slate it; I would ask yourselves if jealousy is the first emotion springing to mind.

20th Feb 2006, 16:07

My 306 Rallye is the best car in the world (fact)

Why? Because it is mine!

So if you do not agree I really don't care. If you want to buy a Clio 182 go ahead, or a Civic Type R be my guest, just remember that a change of career will be necessary, may I suggest Hairdressing.

11th Apr 2006, 07:18

The people slating the 306 on here are the reason that modern hot hatches sell. These people only care about 0-60 times, irrelevant top speeds and headline BHP figures. They are prepared to overlook handling, finesse, damping, feel and all the other often little things that distinguish a great car from a good one.

With modern crash and emission legislation, not to mention our growing lawsuit culture, anyone designing a modern hot hatch has a host of conflicting criteria to fulfil. Making them pass crash laws adds weight, and making them meet emissions law saps not only headline power, but driveability too. Handling is always set up primarily for "safe" understeer which makes them ultimately dull when pushed hard, and for some unfathomable reason, nobody seems bothered about making the steering feel like it's connected to anything mechanical any more.

The greatest hot hatch of them all (205 GTI 1.9) died in 1992 and has never been bettered. The closest anyone has got to it since (the GTI-6) died in 2000. Each new generation has big headline power figures to impress the easily impressed, but as driving tools, they're just too big, heavy and "safely" set up. Consider that a Ford Sierra Cosworth from 20 years ago which was based on a "big" family car, went harder with less power than any modern hot hatch, and it illustrates the point. Plus we all know what weight does to handling.

The good thing from all this of course is that true enthusiasts can get their ultimate driving thrills from a £2k-£4k car rather than signing their lives away on a freefall depreciating new one, and they lose absolutely nothing in fun / ability terms. Driving enthusiasts on limited budgets have never had things so good. Driving enthusiasts who want a new hot hatch on the other hand must be struggling.

10th May 2006, 11:16

I think you can't comment until you've owned one personally.

Reading off on-paper stats totally misses the point of the thrill and feedback driving one of these kinds of cars gives!

It's all about the feedback and fun in an everyday practical package. From experience, not many other cars can match the blend it achieves.

12th Dec 2006, 04:50

I'm buying a gti6 today.. wish me luck!!! Looking forward to it immensely!

By the way, someone did mention EVO magazine, but the figures are 0-60 7.2.. 140mph top speed.

Has anyone seen the old top gear from 1998 which is on you-tube? have a look.. clarkson sums it all up nicely on there!!

12th Feb 2007, 08:55

Anyone with a hot hatch unless with performance parts, stays behind me these days no match for peugeot's GTI6. I don't care what you have race you for pinks.

12th Oct 2007, 13:14

I'm 18 yrs old and have always wanted to get a gti-6 after having the 1.4 for the first year of me be able to drive. The difference is amazing; not just the acceleration, which is brutal after 4000 rpm, but sticks to the floor. This car I can tell is a drivers car and not just one to show off with pretty looks.

12th Aug 2008, 07:44

I have had several pug 306's of various model and engine size, and I will be completely honest in saying these cars can be terrible in the rain, new tyre's or not!

Today there was a heavy rainstorm and the rain sensing wipers were flat out and struggling to cope with the onslaught, between aquaplaning and moments of grip, my 30 mile drive home was nothing short of heart-stopping at times, and yes I was well within the speed limits...

Add that to pretty much useless air con and wishbones that last a few months a time and that would sum up the negatives.

In the dry however, it's a completely different story!

My 6 handles extremely well, and I will be using this car as the benchmark handling and performance wise when looking for another car.

Acceleration is good whether the car is fully loaded (quite often with me) as is the braking, and of course is sticks to roads like excrement to bed linen, one of the best characteristics I would say.