27th Oct 2003, 02:13

Had a problem with indicators as other people have, this is a common fault; whole steering column unit (includes stalks) was replaced. Had problem with bad fitting carpets, in both foot wells, this was rectified by putting more insulation material on floor pan.

Most recent fault I have had was today 27th October. While driving all dials displays went off and back on again, "Ice alert message was displayed", but fuel gage went right off the scale, when engine was switched off it continued to display fuel at 3/4 full even though the car was filed up the previous day and I had only done 13 miles. When engine was switched on again the dials go off the scale again, I think this may be rectified by a reset of the computer will have to wait and see car going to checked out this Thursday.

Also have a problem with a relay switch that keeps clicking when driving at low speed, for instance while stationary and under 1k rpm you blip the throttle you hear a click from the left hand side of car. This is only noticeable at low speeds (lack of road noise). This again been looked into this Thursday.

Last point this is a 2002 307 and it is pulling to the left already, I can understand an old car doing this, but not a car about 1 year and half old.

Will keep you posted.

PS heard from someone that there is a fault with leaking windscreens, but I have not had that problem yet.

25th Jan 2004, 05:11

Peugeot confirm 307 odometer problem, but do not have a solution yet. They say there is a possibility the "ECU" holds the correct mileage, but the "BCU" & dash are both wrong. I reported this in July 03, and should have completely rejected the car then. Now I've driver 12000 miles, and just have to wait for them to get around to it.

Also, I now have musical brakes. Cleaned during the 12K service to no avail.

3rd Mar 2004, 10:22

I bought my 307 XSi in March 2002 and it’s had most if the problems mentioned in the past comments. The main problem that keeps reoccurring is the ‘Anti-Pollution Fault’. That’s been checked by the dealer, but nothing found. At the moment it seems OK, but I’ll give it a few months. Another problem is one of the automatic side mirrors don’t always open on starting the car as they are supposed too. Finally, the driver side front window seems to have a mind of its own. Will attempt to close, but it will close then open. Will have to do this a number of times before succeeding in closing the window. The car is a nice car to drive, but for the money, you would expect more. I have owned bought a Peugeot for the past 8 years, but not anymore after this.

18th Feb 2005, 07:29

I bought my 307 in November 2002 when it was 12 months old. Since then it has had faulty ignition replaced, faulty indicator column replaced, carpets refitted, cylinder head gasket replaced which cost with MOT and service short of £700 December 2004 at my local Peugeot dealer (the car was and still is only 3years old).I have had the rear part of the exhaust replaced December 2004 and now finally the last straw it cut out while driving down the motorway. (Very scary!) I have been informed that this is a problem with engine mapping and as the car is out of warranty I will have another bill!This is on top of the natural wear and tear as the rear brake discs are badly corroded and the discs worn away. As it is only 2 months since its MOT and service (and repairs) I am asking myself why this car is so bad. I have only driven 1000 miles since its MOT etc and as the car has only done 30,000 miles I have finally admitted defeat and given up-- the car is for sale. I have had many cars VW, Honda, Ford even a metro in the past, all from new, but this is the first and last Peugeot I shall have. Pity really as the body style and driving is lovely when all is well, but I don't trust it any more. The garage have told me that the cutting out problem is not common with the 307 but I have heard otherwise. I would be interested to hear about others with this problem.

10th Feb 2007, 15:20

To the person who said the dials flick when the mileage light turns off, this is normal. I know people who have had 307's from new and it happens. This is just as the servo is timing out, it is nothing to worry about.

22nd Jun 2008, 14:31

307 XSI 51 Reg.

Catalyst converter light comes on during cold weather, took it to Peugeot 3 times, paid £100 on first visit on the other two occasions they fixed for free despite trying to charge me. Problem still occurs however after the car warms up seems to recrtify itself. Peugeot have no reason?

Car squeaks when turning corners and creaks like floor boards in a rickety old house!

Whilst driving on the motorway electrics fail, radio, lights, speedometer all go off for 3 seconds then come back. engine still working.

Car says I have 60miles in tank then breaks down. AA tells me tank is empty.

Wing mirrors do not open out 30% of the time when I start the engine.

Despite this being a 2.0 car on the motorway driving up to 80mph car is hitting 5 revs.

After not driving the car for two days battery completely flat, AA tested no problems with battery but somewhere, (unidentified) the car is using power from the battery. Lots of checks carried out, unable to identify. AA advised to get rid a.s.a.p.

12th Aug 2009, 10:42

2001 (51 plate) XSi.

Surprisingly (and pleasantly) few problems for the first 6 years - right hand indicator stalk sticking - never cured (known problem), but I never had the panel/light 3 second cutouts whilst in motion (this is a known problem - there was a recall for reprogramming).

Tyre wear was high but uniform - I had to change all 4 tyres at once when they wore down. Not good for the wallet - even if good deals can be obtained on 4 tyres at once.

Rapid wear avoided by switching from Pirelli P-Zeros to Goodyear Eagles. Choice if cheaper / harder compound tyres is limited by the R17 tyre size.

Fuel consumption was poor for the first 30,000 miles due to stiff engine / use of semi-synthetic oils - ie engine took ages to, what we used to call " run in" or loosen up so that it revved freely.

Big problems started 2007 with random Anti Pollution fault signals (known problem for low mileage 307's) and a tendency to stutter on start up. One occasion had car recovered to garage only to be told car was out of fuel (recovery / inspection costs >£200) despite showing at least 1/3 full in tank - apparently another known Peugeot 307 fault with time.

Started to have sporadic other problems with electrics going bananas at startup (all kinds of weird warning lights - had system reprogrammed several times - £70/time!

Now having major problems with battery going flat in less than 2 weeks if car not used. This was after a new battery was installed 6 months ago so checking battery (3 year warranty) with supplier. Peugeot engineer says problem is not unknown however. Need to identify if there is an excessive power drain whilst offroad / locked up.

When it works the car is a dream, but it is now a reliability nightmare.

Time to offload it / switch to a more reliable car!

26th Jun 2010, 07:06

Hi, I bought a 2002 2.0 XSi, and I've had nothing but trouble with it from day 1, even though it passed its MOT a month before.

The engine rocks violently when I start it up, and sometimes stalls. Took it to a garage, and they said it was the coil pack, and said the car is now running like a different car. It soon started to run like the car it was before the next morning with the engine rocking again.

Power cuts out while driving; very safe if that was meant to happen.

Very sluggish from 2nd to 3rd gear.

All in all, very disappointed with this car and would love to get rid, but can't afford to. I will not be buying another Peugeot again, and would not recommend them to anyone. Wish I still had my Clio; at least that always started, and had very little work that needed doing to it over the 3 years I had it.