24th Jul 2006, 13:48

Thanks for the opportunity, I think the 307 is a great car.

I have also experienced similar problems, but after purchasing a comprehensive workshop manual I have been able to rectify most of the niggly glitches. Just be aware of RATS, They can do a lot of damage to the wiring.

21st Nov 2006, 15:30

Everyone has problems with anti-pollution fault; how do you rectify it?

19th Jan 2008, 02:52

307 5 door 1.4 L petrol.

The car has been a pleasure to drive with its tight cornering, excellent steering, and superb ABS brakes. But it has also been extremely unreliable:

1. Damaged engine mount replaced at 30,000 kilometers

2. Damaged water pump replaced at 60,000 kilometers

3. Heavy oil leakage from head gasket at 60,000 kilometers

4. Intermittent horn failures never resolved

5. Antipollution fault codes never resolved

This is a good car to keep for 2-3 years; replace before it gets to the 60,000 kilometer limit, it will be very hard to maintain after that.

28th Oct 2010, 10:09

I have had my 307 2004 1.4 petrol for just 1 year and already I have replaced all the sensors due to the engine cutting out. I replaced the radiator.

I love the shape and look of the car, also when it is working it's real nice and comfortable to drive, but it's a pain in the back side, with the electrical faults.

8th Feb 2011, 07:46

I have had my 307 2l petrol since 2005.

The car is excellent, but Peugeot service stinks. Also, I could not fix the anti pollution fault that came up at 40k km. I have been servicing it myself since it was out of the maintenance plan at 100k km.

It is now at 380000km and still running fine. It has had 2 clutch replacements, 1 water pump, and a number of small issues.

Problems Peugeot quoted like R16k for was fixed for r800 etc.