11th Mar 2006, 03:59

I have 93 405 1.9 GLDT.. I bought the car last week for £360 with 9 month MOT and 4 month tax as a temporary car till we can afford something newer.

I am surprised how comfy the seats still are, and how well the engine still pulls considering it's a 13 year old car with over 184000 on the clock.

I was also surprised at how quick it is for a diesel and how quiet it is.

I recently had a Renault Laguna 2.2 RTD, which was on an N plate, and was slow and noisy. My neighbours used to say their floorboards shook when I started the car.

I have had 2 405s - I had a 1.6 GL, which was a great car apart from it had a bad earth and the lights flashed or cut out at any given time. I had it fixed, but the problem reappeared, so it had to go. But overall, it was probably the best car I've had considering the money I paid for it.

People knock Peugeot's, but I've had a few ranging from 106s to 405s, which have proved to be great reliable cars apart from a few niggly problems, but you expect that from any car..

It was way ahead its time when it first come out. My dad had an E reg 405, which I remember to be well equipped and comfy for the time..

Overall I consider the car to be ahead of its time and better than most newer cars even now.

17th Mar 2006, 15:28

I purchased my 405 diesel estate 18 months ago with 133,000 miles on the clock. I was initially doubtful about the high mileage, but I have yet to be disappointed. It's a great family car, feels very safe, is great for motorway driving, has lots of boot space for two big dogs, leg and head room in the back and very comfortable on long drives.

The interior is pretty impressive for it's age and I suspect it was a very high spec module when it was first launched. Externally the body work is very solid, one or two surface rust patches that have not increased in size. Other than regular services garage bills have been reasonable, at 161,000 the front brake disks and pads were replaced and the glow plugs changed. Overall delighted with this car.