11th Mar 2005, 11:52

Bought a Y reg last month - pristine condition from a Rover dealer in Petersfield! Year's MOT and Guarantee and no service for a year. £4999.

I am very pleased - it's just what I want: a long-distance, comfortable cruiser that does 34 mpg.

Yes, the brakes are staggeringly good - they probably prevented a crash in the first few days. Afterwards, I found myself unable to release the pedal since my weight had been thrown so strongly forward.

It would be nice to have the GLT version, but no availability. Generally big and comfortable inside while, to my eye, the darker colour gives it more character.

4th Feb 2006, 15:41

I have had a Y reg 1.8 LX for 4 years as a company car and have covered over 70,000 miles.

Previously had a 405, and the 406 is a vast improvement, apart from rear view when reversing which even after 4 years is still very difficult. Motor is crisp, but not a great deal of performance. I also had a Mondeo for a while and felt that the Ford had more performance and flexibility in use, but was not as well styled.

The heater & Air Con work well, but it is not a car to buy if you suffer from cold feet as for some reason the venting into the footwell is poor, unless you really turn up the temperature, by which time you will be sweltering!

Boot is spacious, but a strange shape, not that wide, and the tunnel with the seats down is great for 8 foot bananas, but not much else as the rear seats do not fully flatten.

It is wearing well, bodywork in good condition, no mechanical faults so far, no breakdowns & as said elsewhere, good brakes & ABS. Would I have another? No, had enough of it now, a good car, but not inspiring.