1983 Peugeot 504 GR 1.8 from Sri Lanka


The greatest car I ever drove


Head gasket blew. Then replaced the gasket and piston ring set.

Steering rack ends are almost worn out. Still goes fine therefore did not replace anything yet.

Actually I would like to say this is a trouble free car/model.

General Comments:

Handling is unbelievably great considering its age. Actually I feel like it's running on rail tracks. Never slips on bends, regardless of how hard I turn.

This car is quick responsive for throttling & turning.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2004

1983 Peugeot 504 Wagon 2L carby petrol from Australia and New Zealand


There is a reason it has the longest production run in history 1968-2001


To begin will let me explain that me and my 3 sisters and 1 brother learned to drive in this car. Myself being the last and youngest.

My eldest sister broke through our (wooden) garage doors which cost $100 to fix. The car was fine.

All four corners of the car have been smashed in at one time or another and my father has fixed them (bog is great). you can no longer tell that it was ever dented.

My brother ran up the back of a Ute (pick up) and opened the front end like a tin can. That too is now perfect.

The radiator was pushed into the fan at some point requiring a new fan and a re-core of the radiator. works fine now.

The chassis was snapped on the left front in front of the wheel, partly due to rust. Welded up and is stronger than new.

Bent a push-rod and got a ridge in one cylinder, got a new (older) engine with more Ks (200000) and no rebuild. No more complaints.

Reversing lights no longer work and we can't find the bug, but you can get by without (just tap the brakes).

Today I replaced the panhard rod (part of the rear axle assembly) because of a previous mechanic using the wrong length bolt (the thread flattened against the bracket).

Other than this there have been no complaints, oh the air con went, but we just removed the whole unit.

General Comments:

Buying this car is possibly my earliest memory, I just remember the blue of the seats and the excitement. I was two at the time.

This car is better than a tank, more than a tank, while still retaining super tank capabilities. The men who designed it took into account how to get to each bolt and screw. A true mechanics car, you can do anything yourself. The only complaint being that you have to remove the engine to change the clutch.

I have taken this rear wheel beast through 4x4 tracks where by mates couldn't make it in their new flash 4x4s.

My only sadness is the lack of rust protection which will render my gorgeous baby unregisterable in another few years 'sob'.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2002

27th Mar 2004, 10:47

I have just done a search, and the 504 and 504SW are still made in Nigeria!!! www.peugeotnigeria.com

8th Jun 2005, 08:15

Very true. My My first Ride was in a 504 From the Hospital back home as an infant 28 years ago. Was a shame my Father had to sell it off. Those Cars will outlive you...easily.

French Engineering at its best.

10th Jul 2005, 07:46

I owned a 504 16 years ago, and still have fond memories of it. I used it to tow a tandem axled trailer while moving house. Because I had overloaded the trailer, it pushed me off the road on a down-hill slope. The car completely severed a concrete power pole at ground level, the trailer had pushed the car through it sideways. The car was able to be driven to our new home, once it was winched back on the road, with just a dented rear fender. It was amazing! The trailer had its axles ripped out from under it. None of us in the car, (Me, wife and 2 children) had any injuries of any kind. When I eventually sold the car, I got the same price I paid for it. We all loved that car!