1989 Peugeot 505 GRD Family Estate 2.5/2.3 diesel from UK and Ireland


Excellent big family workhorse


Reverse gear failed necessitating a replacement box.

Vacuum pump for brake servo failed.

Heater matrix valve failed.

Clutch pedal push-rod failed.

Engine seized after consuming oil.

General Comments:

The car is excellent for a large family for which it was designed. I can take our 4 kids out with the wife, plus luggage and 2 of their friends can come too!

It looks and drives like a bus, but is big and comfortable.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

1989 Peugeot 505 GTi 2.2 flat four from UK and Ireland


This car is a brilliant multi purpose tool and bargain!


During the warranty period, nothing failed on the vehicle (3 years).

Injection problems were encountered first of all. A Peugeot specialist dealer diagnosed the fault to be the automatic choke, and charged us £1500; this did not rectify the problem (sudden loss of power). They then stated that it was the fuel tank; this was not the case, and a much smaller garage diagnosed the fault to be the injection sender unit (next to the ignition coil), and replaced it at a cost of £150; considerably cheaper than the dealer, and it works too!

Electric aerial always plays up!

The rod from the clutch pedal to the clutch master cylinder wore through at approximately 50000 miles, with the clutch slave cylinder failing shortly after.

Alternator failed at 55000 miles (not unusual).

Starter motor failed at 60000 miles (not unusual).

Speedometer cable failed at 63000, and was not repaired for 18 months, so my mileage is a little inaccurate.

Front shock absorber failed at approximately 55000 miles.

Brake lines, brake pads, brake drums (rear) and brake discs were all replaced at 63000 for peace of mind!

Central locking required attention at 75000 miles.

The front wheel bearings were replaced due to noise from the hubs at approximately 50 miles per hour at 80000 miles.

General Comments:

My father acquired the vehicle new, and as it turned out, it was one of the last imported to Britain.

The car has never ceased to amaze us, doing whatever we asked of it, whether it be carrying a ton of bricks, or happily traveling at 110 miles per hour.

We have even towed a 3.5 tonne truck for 200 miles without a problem!

Handling is very good for an estate, although now at 13 years old it is not as fast from the traffic lights as it was.

Although I have listed a lot of faults, considering we have owned the car from new, it has been wonderful.

We will keep the car until it is no longer possible to maintain it (hopefully a long time).

Since we bought the car, our friends have purchased second hand 505's, and they swear by them!

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Review Date: 8th October, 2002

27th Nov 2005, 04:49

Good on you folks, keep these legends alive. Saloon or wagon they handle like a glove, seats are more comfy than we deserve!!

11th Nov 2006, 05:08

Magnificent machines, mines an SRDt series 1,its done 355000km, original turbo, gearbox, engine, steering! just replaced diff, as the star gear shaft broke-not bad at this mileage. drives like new, handles like a gem.. the loveliest seats I ever sat in. They have a cult following here in Australia. Viva la France!

1989 Peugeot 505 S 2.8i from North America


An underrated performer, trapped in the shadows of the late 80's


Alternator & starter failed shortly after I purchashed the auto.

Heated seats haven't worked since the day I bought her.

General Comments:

The seats are just the beginning of the amount of comfort this auto supplies.

A performer as well as a head turner. A lot of the time people will ask me - what kind of car is this?

The car could use more power, then again what couldn't.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2001

1989 Peugeot 505 GTD Family 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A pleasure to drive


Radiator had to be replaced after developing a major leak.

Fuel tank cradle fell off (luckily at low speed)

Speedometer replaced due to needle very unstable.

1 electric window motor not working.

Central locking only works on 2 doors.

Boot lock no longer working.

1 rear door handle stopped working.

Air conditioning hasn't worked since I had the car.

Bad earth on rear indicators.

Usual suspects (exhaust, battery, heater plugs)

General Comments:

With the list of things that have gone wrong you might think I'd be unhappy with the car. Actually a lot of the faults (C/L E/W A/C Speedo needle) were already present when I bought the car, and enabled me to negotiate a very good price.

I bought a second car for £30 which I have cannibalised for spares, and so have been able to rectify most of the original faults and some of the subsequent ones for next to nothing.

The only fault which has really been a costly problem was the fuel tank dropping off.

I'm very impressed with the comfort & ride of the car. For such a big estate it can really go when you want it to.

The auto box is very smooth, as good as the Range Rover I used to have.

Fuel economy has been excellent for such a big vehicle, around 30mpg on average with 4 kids & 2 adults on board.

It might not be in tip top condition, but it's been dependable, comfortable & cheap.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2001