20th Sep 2001, 19:19

We have an SLi series II.

So far this car is the best car I have owned in terms of drivability and safety. It feels agile, yet solid.

We have replaced two fuel pumps in two years, probably due to local fuel problems and the illegal addition of Toulene.

Fairly expensive to won, so I would certainly buy Peugeot again, but not so old. Bought at 140,000 KM, now 220,000 KM.

6th Oct 2002, 03:31

The "ill fated" ZF 4spd transmissions get burnt out because of internal fault that cases them to never fully be in neutral, even when in "N" or "P". This is not too much of a problem, unless one races the engine to try to cool it, or check the AC. Eventually, the clutches get fried.

However, under normal operation and with regular service, these are good units that should go at least 300000km+.

The 3spd ZF is free from this fault though, but should be well serviced as well. Just remember that heat kills all auto boxes!

26th Oct 2010, 23:43

Yes, I had a GR with one of the early ZF auto boxes - this malfunctioned, ruining a fabulous car, which helped get me laid twice because of the luxury ride!

An earlier manual 4 speed GR was very cheap to run on CNG (no longer available) but I stupidly sold it - I did prefer the earlier style dash though, less cliff like and better styled.

I've had a 405 and a 406 since, but nothing to compare with a good 505. I've hated all my Japanese cars, they don't give the same comfort.

I also had a 504, and one day I put my back out just before heading out for a 400 mile drive. I staggered to the car, got in anyway, and drove off.

When I reached my destination, my back was all better! Peugeots are genius!