2001 Peugeot 607 2.2 HDI turbo diesel from Montenegro


Some minor things in the front suspension like stabilizers due to bad roads.

Electrical glitches that appear to fix themselves.

General Comments:

Very stylish, so much different from its german rivals. A beautiful open road cruiser.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

2002 Peugeot 607 SE 2.2 from UK and Ireland


Great Car let down by reliability, not worth the hassle


Tyre valves needed replacement as the supplied Chrome ones corroded so much that the entire valves (inc. Tyre pressure sensors) need replacing. V Expensive!

Cigarette Lighter Fuse for rear blown.

Intermittent Electrical Fault for Water Temp. Results in "STOP" being displayed every 20 minutes or so for 15 seconds.

A/c blows full hot every now and again.

Electric Headrests stuck fully up.

Sat Nav "locked up"

Electrical fault which allowed the key to be taken out of the car with the engine still running (took 27 days at dealer to fix!)

Electrical Fault which left radio on in car even when key removed and car locked (radio on/off switch not working either)

General Comments:

My last 7 cars have been Peugeot. This is the worst car I have every owned. It is so disappointing as it has the potential for greatness (comfy, economical, Quiet, Good Value) but it is let down by reliability and my local dealer is awful. I now drive 60 miles and wait for work to be done rather than take it to my local main dealer. In this day and age to have poor reliability is not acceptable.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2005

27th Nov 2005, 16:59

Noticed your problems with the chrome tyre valves... I had the same issues and my dealer admitted that Peugeot had "got this one wrong ". They had not calculated the effect that salt from the road would have on the valves, as the corrosion that occurred, caused the valves to shear off and the tyre to deflate. I had all four replaced under warranty at my main dealer.

Might be worth a call to put in a retrospective claim???

2001 Peugeot 607 HDi 2.2 from UK and Ireland


With just a few refinements a winning car and a pleasure to drive and be seen


The rear expansion box had corroded away from the rest of the exhaust. The part was replaced under warranty.

External trim had come away or cracked at the fixing points in two locations. Again replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I am pleased with my purchase. The car is very good value for money as a second hand purchase.

Vibration on idle is quite bad, however when stopped slipping the auto into neutral reduces this.

The ratios chosen for the auto are not quite right. At 30 you can still be in 2nd at 2500 rpm. At 40 the car stays in 3rd and is still uncomfortable at 50 in 4 th on a slight incline. This does reduce the economy.

With use of the steptronic selection economy can go from the mid 30 mpg to the mid 40 mpg on mixed commuting traveling on low traffic density routes.

Motorway gives high 40's. In 10,000 miles my computer trip tells me an average of 38.2 mpg. Very pleased.

The boot is ENORMOUS. The room inside is cavernous with good air con.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2005

2001 Peugeot 607 SE 2.2 HDI diesel from UK and Ireland


A big mistake


A new engine was fitted prior to my ownership.

A new drivers seat was fitted at 40,000 miles, cost £1200.00.

A new windscreen wiper motor was fitted soon after the seat.

All the tyre valves were replaced at a cost £80.00 each.

At 58,000 miles, with just one week of the warranty left the steering rack and pump had to be replaced, cost £1400.00.

The vehicle was off the road for 5 months after an accident 4 months of this were due to non-availability of two body panels.

All the above were done under warranty.

The following are outside warranty.

In the last 3 weeks the exhaust particulate filter needed replacing, cost £500.00 parts and labour.

Last, but not least the drivers electric window broke, new cable plus rectifier, diagnostics and fitting £380.00.

General Comments:

The 607 is a very stylish and comfortable vehicle.

The fuel economy on the diesel is good and the ride is excellent.

However this comes at a price...reliability, it does not have any.

I have been disappointed with my 18 month 607 experience and have no option to sell the car, at a huge loss, but I need reliability.

My previous Peugeot's, a 306 and a 307 were both low on grief and on running costs.

If most of the work had not been covered by the warranty I would have been bankrupt by now.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005