26th Apr 2010, 01:15

Update 300 000 km in Spring 2010.

Front bumper, which was replaced due an accident, suffers from peeling paint in some edges. Paint shop repainted it once, but declined their responsibility after that.

The ventilation fan control unit failed second time at 210 000 km, leaving the fan to continuous full speed.

The windshield wiper mechanism joints wore out, causing the linkage to disintegrate at 242 000 km.

Air conditioning system aluminium pipe corroded causing refrigerant leak at 249 000 km. The new pipe had to be ordered from France and it took three weeks to get it. The price for the pipe was outrageous 451 euros!

Valve clearances needed adjustment at 262 000 km. Some valves had no clearance, which caused poor cold starts.

The alternator finished generating power at 275 000 km. When replacing the alternator, the workshop noticed that also the belt tensioner bearing was at the end of its lifespan.

The rear section of the original exhaust pipe needed replacement at 279 000 km. The front section of the pipe is still original.

Diesel injection pressure pipes begun to leak slightly from the nozzle end. Tightening didn't work, so the solution was to replace the pipes.

Left rear wheel torsion spring failed at 284 000 km. Replacement spring had to be ordered from France and it took again three weeks to get it.

Original battery failed after considerable 9½ years and 295 000 km.

Some ball joints in steering and front suspension as well as front wheel bearings have been replaced since last update.

The car is still after 300 000 km providing reliable and comfortable ride, so I am still very happy with it.

28th Aug 2014, 06:29

Update: 400 000 km in Summer 2014.

Both cooling fans needed to be replaced at 302 000 km, probably the first had stopped much earlier, but it I didn't notice it during autumn and winter. Cylinder head gasket blew at 348 000 km spilling engine oil into the coolant, but caused no other damage. Accelerator pedal cable needed to be replaced at the same time. Power steering pump bearing wore off and the pump needed to be replaced at 382 000 km.

Other needs for maintenance and repair have been quite normal; wear and tear parts like diesel glow plugs and rear part of the exhaust circa every 120 000 km, front brake discs circa every 160 000 km, some wheel bearings and front suspension ball joints and bushings.

At 400 000 km I replaced the driver's seat cushion and got the upholstery repaired on the door side, which gets the most wear when stepping in and out of the car. And the windshield needs to be replaced soon.

My Partner is still on good shape, looking nice and going strong!