18th Aug 2005, 20:31

We bought our 1989 acclaim 3 years ago for $800. it had 175,000 on it at the time. 3 years later it now has 230,000 and this car is still going strong.

We have had a lot of things replaced on it.

The Master Cylinder has been replaced twice. the heater coil was replaced, new shocks, new gas tank, new gas lines, the gas flow regulator was replaced, and a new muffler.

We also had the same problem with our tranny, it would get "stuck" in 2nd gear. Well, we thought that was the end of the car, but we had a "tranny flush" and now, it's perfect.

Even with all that, we love this car. this car has taken us everywhere. it's good on gas, reliable, and after all, we only paid $800 for it.

30th Mar 2006, 13:54

Update to the 1st comment (guy who is 6'7"). Vehicle now has over 193,000 miles on it. Had to replace the front L/R brake lines and the fuel pump earlier this year. 'Been looking at a replacement vehicle, but cannot find anything that is comfortable for my height, so will probably keep the car (I am the original owner) for another few years. I have detailed records on the vehicle (use, fuel economy, service) etc... Maybe Motor week would like to comment on the records.

5th Jul 2010, 14:44

1990 Acclaim - base model. 4cyl, 3 spd auto, hand cranked windows. We were given this car for assisting an executor in matters involving an estate. It had 28,000 miles.

I had to replace the tires due to the effects of sitting around for 15 years. In the five years I've driven it I've replaced the O2 sensor, front brake pads, plugs, wires, distributor, rotor and I've ordered a master cylinder to be installed this week.

The odometer stopped working, but I estimate the mileage to be around 60,000 now. Gets 28 mpg and insurance is cheap. Good basic transportation. I plan on driving it for a while.