3rd Feb 2004, 16:52

Comments were very funny, I own a 1999 breeze, hope they fixed the prob. by then.

11th Nov 2004, 18:05

Hi. My name is Don and I am an automotive technicion. In my travels I've done a number of head gaskets on Plymouth Breeze motors. I later found out that those motors have factory defects due to poor design.

This web site caught my attention because my sister in law has a 1999 Plymouth Breeze, and it is in my shop AGAIN. She has had the exact same problems with her car as were listed in this web site. She has had the head gasket replaced four times, three times by the dealer and once by an independent mechanic. The tie rods are shot, the A.C. pump had to be replaced, the transmission had to be removed so that the leaky rear main seal could be replaced, and there is a long list of other problems.

I feel bad for her because she has had problems with it ever since she bought it. Aren't there lemon laws? Shouldn't that motor be recalled? Its defective!!! It was defective when it came off the factory floor, and they all are. Even the dealer has told me that. So shouldn't the factory recall it?

Well they didn't, and it makes me sad for all those people who spent so much money on what seemed like a nice product. Now they're stuck with a car that is either in the driveway or in the shop, because that is the only two places they are safe or reliable, if you catch my drift.

So, if you are on the market to buy a new or used vehicle, I would strongly recommend you do not buy a Plymouth Breeze. Further more, although the problems are different, I would also recommend potential buyers stay away from the Dodge Neon. It is problem prone as well. I know I won't be purchasing a Plymouth Breeze or a Dodge Neon any time soon!!!

17th Dec 2004, 22:49

I bought a 1997 breeze with the 2.0 engine from a dealer last year with 130,000 miles on it. I loved the car (design, interior) and it drove fine for about a week until the heat went out. It turned out that the head gasket was blown and oil had filled the radiator. Needless to day, I went back to the dealer and begged them to take this car back. They traded in my car and gave me a 1984 S-15 GMC Jimmy and it turned out to be one of the best vehicles I've ever owned. Too bad that Chrysler doesn't care much about their customers or their quality of workmanship.

21st Dec 2005, 01:46

"I will never again in my natural life, or any life here after, purchase, rent or ride casually in a Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth built vehicle (oh, I mean death-trap)."

Geez, do you have to be so harsh? It's not like Chrysler killed your dog or something. Besides, you may even ride in a Chrysler without knowing it LOL.

13th Feb 2007, 13:18

I own a 1999 Plymouth breeze, a few months after I purchased the vehicle, the brakes needed to be replaced because it was worn out and started to make a scraping noise. I had the brakes changed and the discs resurfaced. Not even a month later, my breaks starts to squeak really bad so I took it back to the people that replaced them. Ever since I had my breaks replaced, they haven't been the same. They never squeaked before replacing them, but now they do... no matter what I try. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?? The squeak is really annoying and embarrassing!!!...other than this... the car runs beautiful and I love it!!!

15th Jan 2009, 11:10

At first I was excited about buying my very first ride, a 1997 Plymouth Breeze. In the summer it was running great, but I found out that I had a oil leak, and I couldn't pump gas in my car. I took it to a shop and they took out this rubber thing it was completely bent. But even after that it still spills out when you put gas in it, so it takes me about 20 minutes to put 10.00 of gas in! My gas needle was incorrect and I found out that my floater is bad, so I don't know how much gas is in that car.

Now, it is winter time and I wait for like 20 minutes for it to warm up, and does. But it still stalls!! I have to really press the gas to get it going, and it still stalls when I have to come to a complete stop. And now as I speak it is in the shop again for a bad starter. I will never in my life buy a American car again unless it's a Chevy. If I do buy an American car it will not be Plymouth.