19th Sep 2006, 07:19

I wrote the comment about my 81 Colt, and in response to your question, the Colt/Champ is excellent in the snow. I wouldn't recommend chains with front wheel drive, but I would get studded snow tires. I had them on mine and it was practically unstoppable. The P/E manual transmission / front drive / skinny snow tires combo really helped. However, the car was rather light and tended to move in the direction of the tracks in the snow. It may be worth keeping some weight in the car if you see heavy snow.

15th Feb 2007, 18:32

Made the original report here. Champ was good in the snow with chains. Used to take it up snowy mountain logging roads as far as possible. Then I'd cross-country ski to mountain tops. Once navigated a narrow snowy logging road next to a vertical cliff rising next to the road with a very slight tilt away from said cliff. The problem was if the Champ started sliding off the road it would plummet 500 feet vertically straight down. But Champ held its traction. At another time while rounding a shadowy corner, Champ hit super slippery ice. The whole car translated sideways into the on-coming lane. God's fortune, there was no one in the on-coming lane, the balance was perfect & I never jammed on my brakes. When Champ found its traction again, it was still straight on the road & momentum carried me right on thru the corner till I got back on my side of the road. Champ was great!

15th Feb 2007, 20:15

Had the original report here. Also remembered, the engine had a tiny intake valve that activated at low rpms. The small valve would speed incoming air & swirl it. With the compression stroke, adding less fuel to the swirling air & a spark, the engine burned clean without loss of power. Sounded theoretical, but my results proved excellent.

27th Oct 2007, 22:18

My dad just got a car called a Plymouth Champ (1981). That car rocks!!! Just to tell you, but I am writing this in the year 2007 OK, every thing is original and this car is incredibly clean inside and out, and for the best part... IT HAS 41,000 MILES ON IT!!! NO, WE DID NOT JACK UP THE MILES!!! We got it from one my dad's worker friend. She was an old lady that did not use the car that much. She actually got it from her mom that could not drive any more. That car was garaged all its life (27 years).

We have had this car for about 5 months and the only thing we've had a problem with was the carburetor. It was just sitting in their garage for so long that the gas inside got all gunky, and made it have bad gas mileage. But we fixed it and it is now running like new! THIS CAR IS GOING TO LAST SUCH A LONG TIME!!!

8th Nov 2007, 05:14

I have a 1980 Champ and it is the sweetest car ever. It has just shy of 200,000 Mi. and I have no intention on getting rid of it. Ever!!! Does anyone know where I can get parts? I have a worn steering knuckle, and I am having trouble locating any a junk yards.

Any info would be appreciated.

22nd Apr 2008, 11:42

Great to see how the Plymouth Champ keeps on running! Just got a 1981 Champ with 71,000 miles on it and it runs great. But the Clutch cable just broke and having trouble finding the part. Can't even find a dealership that can find the parts number! Any suggestions on where to find one? Today is April 22, 2008 and I need help locating this part so I can get back on the road.