1973 Plymouth Duster None 318 from North America


Good cheap transportation


Ball joints.

Tie rod ends.

Leaf springs.


Master cylinder (plus normal brake maintenance).

General Comments:

I bought this Duster while I was in the USN for $100.00. Overall this was a vary reliable and inexpensive automobile to own.

At the time I bought it the car looked horrible, vinyl top was popping off, interior was trashed (even the rear seat), body was also in poor condition on the passenger side; note I never did anything about the way the car looked in all the years I owned it.

But I was familiar with Mopar's and checked out the power train and found it to be solid, suspension was in poor condition.

Replaced ball joints and tie rod ends and drove the car for very little money until I got out of the service.

Continued to own and drive the Duster as a second vehicle for many years (into the mid 1990's), at which time I rear ended someone and broke the passenger side torsion bar mounting sleeve. After this I could never get the car property repaired and eventually junked it after salvaging the power train and various other parts.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2009

1973 Plymouth Duster 340 Sport Sunroof 340 from North America


Great old reliable musclecar by Plymouth!


Electronic Ignition, Ballast Resistor, Carb.

General Comments:

With the addition of sway bars, it handles well. With a 340, it has plenty of pep. It's ironic that this car was considered a sub compact when we bought it back in 1973! It is exactly 16ft. in length. Love the car!

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Review Date: 25th February, 2007

26th Feb 2007, 19:45

Oh, cool, a 340 Duster! I remember when these were considered a compact as well. They had trouble getting much respect, but they finally seem to be coming into their own.

I had a friend with a '74 Duster Sport with a 318, loaded for its time: crank sun roof, AC/PB/PS, even bucket seats with a console automatic. It was a good car. I still regret not giving him $300 for it when he went to Germany.

I had another friend who bought a Duster from a farmer in the dark for $50. I went with to help him drag it out of the barnyard. The Slant-6 fired up and he drove it away, and the 3-speed manual was still stiff and tight like a new car even after sitting so long that it was buried up to the hubs.

13th Mar 2007, 10:40

Good Deal! I've had many 340 Mopars over the years. Here is the list. I had the 68, and 71 340 Cudas, two 68 GTS Darts, and one 74 "Sport." Take that 74 motor out and store it well. Find yourself and unmolested 68 or 69 340 motor for her. What you will get is about 135 extra horses over the 74. By 74 the Uncle Sam smog laws had about killed the little 340. All the 340 heads can handle unleaded fuel just fine so no worries there. Don't be fooled into switching in a 360 unless you have to. The 360 loves lots of fuel. I wish that ride was mine! Man it would hurt at the pump, but it takes fuel to make horse power. Go beat up a Ford, and a Chevy for me one day Mr. Mopar Man!

1973 Plymouth Duster Coupe 3.7L 225 /6 from North America


Peppy for Half of a V-12


Holley 1920 carburetor was shot when I purchased the car. Bought a new one for $118.

New fuel pump had to be installed.

Killed 2 batteries.

New plugs, wires, and rotor were installed as routine maintenance.

Now I have to install new fuel lines from the rear to the front of the car.

Interior was shot from the beginning.

Paint held up pretty well for its year.

Still needs right side ball joints.

General Comments:

Well, I purchased this as a project car, but ended up being my daily driver.. until it tried to kill me by stalling in traffic while making a left hand turn. When it runs and drives, it still hums like new, but like all old, neglected cars, it has its down days.

I love the seats and how they fold with the split bench.

The automatic transmission still shifts like new.

My car personally just had too many hands under the hood in its life.

Overall, not too shabby - style wise.

I would expect better gas mileage.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

22nd Sep 2004, 16:01

A "muscle car" with a slant-6? Are you kidding?

28th May 2005, 15:18

Who are these guys commenting on the above post, first off, what do you mean when you say muscle car with a slant 6? The term "muscle" refers to the body and not to the engine size. You are the ignorant people who ruin classic car collection and I've known cars to stall when theres nothing wrong with them. Take it easy you country bumpkins.