1974 Plymouth Duster 318 from North America




Got the car new OK? shifter bolts not in, just hand tightened two threads. Would jump and bolt like a wild house when starting from cold. Spare tire did not fit the hub, Rear axle was from Plymouth Scamp cause Duster production line ran out, was to narrower so the car would bounce all over the place when hitting a bump. A/c went bad with in 13 months. Dealer said financing was 8%, turned out to be 14%. Dealers did not want to fix anything.. worst service I've ever seen, swore I would never buy from Mopar again and was glad to see them go under.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2005

18th Jul 2005, 08:30

They were hideous cars from the very beginning. I know the 70's were not known for reliability, but there were some cars, like the Cutlass Supreme, Grand Prix, Thunderbirds and Cougars, that were a joy to at least look at and ride. The Dusters, however, caused anguish and pain to even look at.