6th Feb 2009, 15:49

I love these old Mopars! My '64 Dodge had a Slant 6, and my family had several Volare station wagons with the Slant 6. A friend of mine bought a '73 Duster from a farmer and had to pull it out of the mud ruts in the barnyard where it had sat for years. The Slant 6 fired right up and he drove it out, and the 3-speed manual was still tight like a new car. It's fun to see them on the road!

7th Feb 2009, 11:31

To 13:06.

Oops. Yes of course it was a Chrysler. Guess the old memory banks are not working so good about the GM thing. Since writing my comment I have also remembered I didn't have the Duster. My sister four years older had the 73 Duster. It was black. I had the brown 72 Dodge Dart. Hers was totaled when she drifted into a median at highway speed and wiped out the front. She was okay though.

I think the Duster and Dart were basically the same car, and also the Swinger? Oh I think that is what I had, a Dodge Dart Swinger. This is embarrassing how poor my memory is getting on this. Probably I would remember better if I had been involved in the purchase, but I got it as a hand me down from the sister 8 years older. Please correct me if I am stating something impossible about the car models as I wouldn't mind getting straighted out.

The other funny thing about the steering was eventually the power steering hoses started looking cracked, so I replaced them. Dad warned me if any dirt got into the system, some little dust spec would get stuck in a valve and the steering would be really crummy, so I did my best to clean all the dirt out from around the hoses before making the swap. But I apparently missed some tiny bit of dirt, or a bit a hose flaked off. After making the swap, the car was normal turning left, or going straight. But if you gave the steering wheel a little jerk to turn right, the wheel would slowly turn all the way to the right. I was really fun to drive that way. From a stop, you could give the wheel a little jerk to the right, take your fingers off the wheel, give it some gas and the wheel turned at just the right rate to make a nice turn. Then turn the wheel back to center and off you. I'm sure I'll never have a car like that again.