10th Jul 2006, 13:20

I've owned 2 '72 dusters (1 with the 6 and one with the 318) and one '71 Duster (6). They were awesome cars. I had my last one (the V-8) up until the late 80's. The most surprising thing about the Duster to me was how great they were in snow. We had a big snow here in '87 and at the time we also owned a front-drive car that was supposed to be SOOOOO great in the snow. Well, I went out in the snow in the Duster and discovered that it was way better and much more stable than the new front drive car. It was so good that I found myself passing slower drivers by pulling into the deep snow and blasting around them. all three of my Dusters were very trouble free and went over 100,000 miles with virtually no repairs. I wish I could find another really good one now.

25th Sep 2009, 16:37

I owned a 73 318 Duster with an automatic for quite a few years. The car was basically worn out when I got it in 1985, but I managed to get another 9 years out of it.

I agree with the above comment, the Duster was one of the better cars I have ever driven in the snow, including fairly deep snows of 6 - 8".

All in all a tough reliable old car that served me well.

27th Sep 2009, 09:03

I bought mine and had a car allowance as an outside saleman. I drove 3 years in bad northeast winters and rarely was ever late for an appoinment. I remember filling the big trunk and it was good in snow. I also had the crank sunroof and it looked good without the vinyl top.

Mine was white with white interior. Always looked clean and I rarely needed to use the A/C with its light color and interior. I sold it with 50000 miles; it ran well. I paid 3600 for my 1975 new. We also had a Swinger prior, and it was a great car, very reliable also