3rd Sep 2004, 08:06

I have a 1989 Gran Fury with the Police package on it. It’s a very nimble little car with enough power to handle the interstates with ease.

This car has had the Lean-Burn removed. I don’t know how it was done, but it seems to work well without it. It currently has an Edelbrock Performer 4bbl carburetor, but it’s “bogging down” in the power cycle and I still haven’t figured out why.

As for driving it in the winter, it handles quite well if you have enough weight in the trunk. Also, if equipped with the Sure-Grip rear end, don’t turn corners while “under power” or you may wind up facing in the opposite direction from where you wanted to go… :)

19th Nov 2006, 04:57

This is painful to read. I to have owned/driven a couple of police package Grand Fury's. Neither was what I would call fast or nimble. As for handling the Interstate with ease. OK, I guess! A Yugo could handle the Interstate with ease.

I feel we should have higher expectations for a vehicles than this. To be quite frank, my Grand Fury's were less than stellar in every category. I would not recomend this car. Unfortunately, I have fallen on hard times and will be forced to purchase an older vehicle for basic transportation. A Grand Fury will not be on my must drive list.

5th Feb 2009, 18:39

Regarding the comment about not being able to drive them in the snow:

I used to live in Salem, OR and the winter after I bought my '85 (with bald tires mind you) me and two friends made it to Detroit, OR with 2 feet of snow, and inch of ice (bald tires remember!) and not once did we have to put the chains on. In fact, we took them back to Wal-Mart when we returned and I got my money back. I never needed any help in my car in any weather.

All around they're great cars, even if you find one that doesn't run, because the 318 V8s were made faster and more of them were made, than your nose does with your boogies, so it's not like you can't find another engine and for cheap too.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents, personally I love them to death.

16th Feb 2009, 17:30

I think they look nicer now than they did when there was more of them about, because now every car has the same copycat headlamps and raked windscreen styling that it's hard to tell one marque from another. And most of those 3 box body shapes of the eighties looked like what a car should in my opinion. Maybe I'm right or maybe I'm wrong, who cares.