1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.3L V6 from North America


Worst experience ever!!! Avoid at all costs!!!!


This van is the worst example of American engineering and is a complete disgrace to the automotive industry...

Rebuilt Transmission in 1995: only 68,000 miles!!

New Transmission in 1998:

Rebuilt the new transmission in 1999:

New Transmission in 2001:

Rebuilt transmission in 2003:

Spark Plugs need replaced every few years, NOT NORMAL!!

Every single interior AND exterior piece is falling off or has already fallen off. This includes:

Dash buttons and switches.

Cracked dashboard.

Door Handles falling off.

Roof falling down in the interior.

Various check engine lights and warning sounds which go off and mean absolutely nothing...

Everything rattles and makes TONS of noise!!

Hubcaps NEVER stay on!!

Exterior paint is peeling off all over the body.

The exterior wooden trim is peeling off in huge sections... it looks horrible!!

Bumpers are both cracked from old age.

Various "Plymouth" and "Voyager" exterior emblems have all fallen off...

Leaking gas tank...

Leaking engine oil and tranny fluid...

AC NEVER worked!!

General Comments:

This model Voyager looks and drives like a deathtrap. And-this model goes all the way up until 1995. So avoid ALL of those years!! These defects have to be cheap design and engineering problems from Chrysler, because I take obsessive care of all my vehicles.

This Voyager has been nothing, but a headache and complete nightmare. I just basically gave up on this thing and when it blows up and dies... that will be the end!!


They may be popular, but they are poorly designed and use cheap parts, so don't expect to get what you are paying for!!

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Review Date: 20th November, 2005

21st Nov 2005, 22:32

Actually, a lot of those transmission problems were caused by putting in incorrect tranny fluid. Go look it up...

27th Dec 2006, 22:21

I have a 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager with 192,000 miles on it. Transmission was rebuilt at 128,000 miles. Tune-ups, oil changes and a few sets of tires and it's still in pretty good shape. Paint was never great on Chrysler vehicles, but with frequent washings and wax the paint still looks good.

Interior is in good condition, with just a few minor problems with plastic parts, but not unacceptable for a 1991 model in 2006.

Seems to me that many folks did not wash and wax these vehicles, since I've never seen paint oxidize, turn dull and peel off a vehicle when it's been properly cared for very often. I'm sure it happens, but not on every vehicle produced.

All things considered, this isn't the best mini-van ever, but there are still a large number of them on the road.

Would I invest thousands in this van at this point? Probably not, but so far it's not been a money pit, so I'll keep driving it.

23rd Jul 2012, 14:29

My experience with the Grand Voyager was excellent. The only repairs I had in 140K miles (1991 - 1999) were brakes, batteries and serpentine belt. Never had a major repair of any kind. The trans got stuck in 2nd twice, but turn off the vehicle and it reset both times. I would say that the reliability exceeded all expectations.

1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.3L V6 from North America


Deathtrap on wheels!! Beware!!


Had to replace the transmission 3 times (3.3L), still doesn't run good.

Various hoses and pumps are leaking on a daily basis.

Engine belts wear out prematurely and make squealing noises while engine is running.

Interior plastic pieces are falling apart and cause much rattle, noise, and vibration while driving.

Drivers side door is bent out alignment and will not open from the outside. It must be opened from the inside, and hangs while open. Unable to fix this problem.

Exterior paint is peeling off in various places, exposing the grey metal undercoating of the sheet metal. Very ugly to look at.

Fake wood trim on the exterior is also peeling off. Huge chunks peel off and it looks hideous.

Horn stopped working.

Side pop-open windows never stay closed and pop open when you close the front doors, or after a large bump in the road.

Transmission makes loud squealing noise when in reverse.

Engine and transmission shift at inapropriate times, jerking the vehicle and causing the brakes to lock.

General Comments:

I understand people love these vans, but from my experience, I will never buy another "Chrysler-Plymouth" van again. I thought these vans were top of the line, I was sadly mistaken.

I have spent over $5,000 in new transmissions just to keep this thing running, more than I paid for the van originally!! While the van is comfortable and big, it is a daily struggle to keep it on the road.

Anything could go wrong with it now...

When I bought the van, it only had 85,000 miles, and it was a good deal. However, after 3 new transmissions and various other defects, it is hardly drivable.

This van is now a deathtrap, and getting it inspected is a real chore. The whole thing is rotting out on the sides from rust, and it still doesn't even run properly!!

I will need to replace the Voyager this summer (2005) because of it's horrible condition. There is no excuse for this kind of shady engineering...

I plan on buying a newer Honda or Toyota minivan this time. I will be much happier!!!

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Review Date: 7th March, 2005

9th Mar 2005, 12:50

Although I am a big Honda and Toyota fan, I must warn you. Before you buy another van, research it carefully. I know that a number of the first Toyota Sienna minivans has an engine sludge problem. A number of the second generation Honda Odysseys has a transmission problem. So check all receipts and repairs, and you should be all right. It also may vary on where you live. I have not heard any complaints about these 2 vans in Alberta, Canada.

11th Jun 2010, 05:40

I'm an auto mechanic/salesman by trade and I can tell you that the 3.3 litre is one of the best engines Chrysler's made since the Slant Six. But the transmissions they put behind em are definitely a weak link (the word "garbage" comes briefly to mind), which is really a shame because it's a hell of a motor. I've seen them with well over 300k miles, always with remarkably strong power and compression but always on their 2nd or 3rd transmission.

Avoid this by keeping your tranny serviced (regular fluid/filter changes), don't beat on it, install an auxiliary transmission cooler if the van doesn't have one already, and avoid towing and you'll get lots of life out of your Chrysler minivan. I'd also suggest not buying one secondhand without full service records, and avoiding that oil burning 3.0 litre in the base models (like the plague).

Going a bit off-topic here, but if you tow or haul stuff, I recommend a GM Astro or Safari van. I've owned several and LOVED them.. being on a full-on truck frame, they're not for everyone, but for a "minivan" their utility capabilities are unsurpassed by anything else out there :)