1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager LX 3.3 V6 from North America


Dependible and tough, it just keeps going


Transmission replaced once (150,000 miles).

Fuel gauge - crap (since owned).

Speedometer and odometer - crap (~250,000 miles).

General Comments:

Despite the problems I love this car, and have had it since I turned 16. There have been many small problems over the years, but other than the transmission, none that actually keep it from working.

It is a hard working, dependable vehicle, and I spend about a third my driving on dirt or gravel roads. However it should be known this is not an every day car. I use it for camping, road trips, hauling things to the dump, and helping people move. The size of this car means that as a poor college student, there was room for me and four other friends to go on camping road trips of 2000+ miles in comfort. If I take out both of the bench seats, I am able to haul more stuff than any SUV or truck I have ever been able to compare it to. It is comfortable to drive, and I can say from experience it will handle any road, mountain pass, or field you take it on.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2010

1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE 3.3 liter from North America


Nice when it works right



We have had so many problems with the transmission on this van!! We've replaced at least 4 times since we've owned it!

Eats up brake pads like no tomorrow.

The radio works when it feels like it.

Power locks haven't worked right for about 5 years.

Takes forever to start, will not start rigt away.

Some sort of power steering component broke.

Burns oil very fast.

Headlights have clouded up.

General Comments:

We bought this van brand new back in '92.

At the time we thought it was a great deal, were told these are great minivans.

I hate it, but I hate to part with it, although it sucks at times, there are warm memories.

It would been awesome if we could keep a transmission for more than 25,000 miles.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2005

21st Mar 2005, 10:33

I have had the same problems with the power locks and Transmission. We are now going in for our fourth... We upgraded our sound system to the Infinity when we purchased ours, and though it has only once blown a fuse, it pumps music out better than most cruisers on a Saturday night, hehe.

1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.3L from North America


A great dependable/economical vehicle


Water Pump at 75,000 Miles.

New radiator at 102,000 Miles.

Factory AM/FM Cassette Radio died at 118,000 Miles.

General Comments:

This 3.3L engine excellent pickup for a Minivan, but not bad on gas. Get about 17 city and 24 highway miles per gallon.

The cabin is very roomy and the controls are lay-ed out nicely. I'm a big guy and I am very comfortable in this Van.

Never had any serious issues with this Van and it has never let me down. Other than the items mentioned previously, have not had to replace/repair anything on the drive train.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2004

2nd May 2005, 10:18

All I have to say is that the Grand Voyagers from 91-95, were some of the nicest looking minivans out there. In my opinion they were the best Chrysler ever put out, design wise. I continue to see dozens daily, I would love to own one of these vans, despite its problems. Very class looking.

2nd May 2007, 15:52

I've had my '92 AWD Grand Voyager since 1994. It was considered a high mileage vehicle when I got it, had around 36K miles I think.

Now, May 2007, it has 105k miles and I love it more than all the Caddys and other vehicles I ever had.

Suddenly, tho, the dash display has gone kaput. I have the big, thick, Service Manual for it, but no help there.

Something about a body computer needing a new chip, or some such. Otherwise, it's a very sound and well maintained van, and perfect for most any kind of use.

Any suggestions from anyone? Maybe it's time to let it go, and settle for one of those new ones. I hate that.

BT Jax, FL.