1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager Ralley from North America


Definitely a repeat buyer for the Grand Voyager here!!


After the van had 100,000 miles on it, I had to replace all the wheel bearings. Now, I'm afraid, the power steering is getting ready to go out (111,000 miles). I'm going to have the transmission checked soon, it may need a flush. One of the fan levels doesn't work now (Med-Hi). Had to have the serpentine belt replaced at about 85,000 miles. The seats are pretty comfortable. No complaints from the kids in long travels. We love our Plymouth!

General Comments:

We have taken two trips to Orlando. One from Wisconsin via Texas to Orlando and back through Nashville. The second from Texas to Orland/Coca Beach and back. We pull out the middle seat and put the 3 seater up to the middle with plenty of room for clothes, food/drinks and water toys! The kids lean the seats back and rest.

Love the handling of the van! Drives and maneuvers wonderfully!

The MPG can get a little steep in city driving (approx. 17-20mpg), long distance driving (24-29mpg)! The 3.3V6 does a great job for acceleration even with 7 passengers and a/c on!

Its been hit on one side by a snow plow/repaired and a drunk driver on the other side/repaired. No frame damage and is holding up like a CHAMP!I'm going to be a repeat buyer! Maybe when this engine gets to 200,000 like my last Voyager I had!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2004

19th Aug 2005, 22:03

I just bought a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager. So far I like it very much except for one thing, which I sure could use some advice on. I'm 6'1 and my left leg is somewhat crunched, even with the seat all the way back.

I can't continue driving with my leg in this position. Is there any way to reposition the front seat by either an adjustment, or by moving the whole seat base back and drilling new holes, which I'm not fond of doing??

If anyone has an answer to this before I end up taking it back to the dealer, would you please write me at:

RICKW3DVE@AOL.COM I need an answer to this seat issue as soon as possible. I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks, Rick Corbin... Pittsburgh Pa.

1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.3 from North America


I like the vehicle, but it needs to be improved


For the third time in three weeks, my Plymouth Grand Voyager is in the shop for the same repair, air conditioner compressor. Each time that it is repaired, the valve blows and it is out again.

The wipers come on intermittently.

The transmission is starting to slip and needs to be repaired.

General Comments:

The Plymouth Grand Voyager is roomy and comfortable. It seats our family nicely for trips around town, or on a long vacation.

We had even considered buying a new one until all of these problems.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

19th Jan 2005, 12:07

I was having the same problem with the transmission specially early in the mornings (summer or winter). I thought that it will be a costly repair, but I went to a dealer (Fairbanks) and ask for a transmission tune up. It cost me about $80 and PROBLEM SOLVED. No more leaking, and no more problem. Now is working as it should.

1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE 3.0 from North America


My air bag light is on. The horn and cruise control doesn't work. The lights for the air and wipers constantly blink, and the intermittent wipers doesn't work when there is a delay time.

General Comments:

I heard of a recall on my van after I bought it. The air bag light is on, and neither the horn nor cruise control work. I called Daimler Chrysler and they told me that the year of my van (1998) was not included in the recall. If anyone has received a letter would you please let me know if they specified a year, make, and model?

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Review Date: 19th July, 2004

27th Oct 2006, 19:49

I have a 97 and it was included in the recall. The horn, cruise control all are part of that recall. Check into it more, I am sure yours is included!