15th Mar 2005, 19:45

I've owned Plymouth G Voyager 1996 since 2003. the Previous owner was a lady. The 1st problem was a trans in about 8 months from the date of purchase. I think it was my problem to have overload the van resulted from from its 3.0 power.2nd problem happened in 3 months - cooling water pump got leak. Wipers used to go on when were not supposed to - changed wipers relay - now OK! Then problem No. 3 - backing light does not switch ON. I know the problem is either the switch or broken pin inside the trans. I'm waiting when the trans goes down to change it. Problem No. 4 - once it did not want to start, I changed fuel filter and then fuel pump. Now it's OK. Problem No. 5-thermostat broke apart, clogged the water passage - resulted in overheating. Changed thermostat, but was told by mechanic - might be broken gasket of the cylinder head. Thanks God - only thermostat! Problem No. 6 - "service engine soon" is ON. I think it's because of very old battery or a fuse. So, within 2 years of operation 5 more or less expensive problems happened to this van. Another problem is a very small gas tank - 45-50 Ltrs. For such vehicle with high consumption - it is incredible! FORD Windstar - 100 ltrs! The next problem I think will be generator, but not itself - only voltage controller.

4th Nov 2005, 17:38

Have the tranny fluid changed before you go and have it replaced. I was having major problems and had the fluid completely changed and it totally fixed my probs. Wouldn't go into reverse until it had warmed up and was slipping as well. Worth a try before you spend $1500 or so on a transmission.

23rd Oct 2007, 20:12

The comment posted right above is a great idea, thank you soo much.