1985 Plymouth Horizon S.E. 2.2 Trenton 4 cylinder. from North America


This is a great car! Dependable and reliable!


When I bought the car the hatch struts were non-functioning.

The electric auto-choke ceased to operate.

The original clutch, (after 20 yrs) finally gave up the ghost! She would not go into 1st gear anymore!

The valve cover leaked oil onto the exhaust manifold.

The fuel pump, (original) started leaking oil and also let fuel vapors drift inside engine bay-not good!

The interior is worn out! Due to the southwest extreme heat. The cloth portion of all the seats are decaying away rapidly!

The paint, well what can I say, the southwest is brutal on paint! The finish is metallic silver, whats left of it, it's mostly grey primer now.

The exterior door handles keep breaking, the die cast metal is prone to cracks.

General Comments:

I have taken the car cross country twice already with no problems, a feat some late model cars have a hard time accomplishing.

It handles really well for an "economy car" it has body roll, but is easily controlled.

The shifting is kind of vague, it's sometimes difficult to shift down into second. This might be caused by the engine/trans mounts being worn?

The car is amazing in the way it can haul stuff, once the rear seat is folded down it turns into a quasi-station wagon. It can swallow up tv's bikes, furniture, you name it.

The car has great outward visibility when driving, due to all the glass. The large hatchback glass brings in a lot of heat though.

The Omni/Horizon cars are a very good design, one of the first "world cars" sold by Chrysler. The 1990 America models were the best most refined models.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2005

20th Jul 2006, 00:23

Actually there are plenty of late model cars out there (American, European, Japanese, etc) that have trouble just getting off the lot, never mind a destination that's miles and miles away, if you had any real knowledge about automobiles and took the time to research and read some of the reviews on here you would know this.