21st Jan 2002, 23:22

Wrong, my 1988 Cutlass Calais does 140 mph easy and has a little more to give, but however I do not want to red line it because it has over 175,000 miles on it. My Cutlass Calais only has a 4 cylinder 2.5 liter with a 5 speed transmission, now why can't a newer car do that? IT CAN!!!

8th Feb 2002, 03:03

149mph does sound a little high... but I have had my 92 Laser RS (slightly modifed) do 130mph with some power to spare... Gotta love the DSM cars... by far the best bang for your buck... solid gas mileage too... If your in the market for a Laser/Talon try to get a 93 or later...bigger, badder brakes mainly... drive safe all...

25th Feb 2003, 14:01

1991 Laser

Bought from my sister in-law. Has some problems with windows.

(jumps track on both doors at times)

Window trim "outside" is pealing paint; "I saw this mentioned before".

I immediately replaced timing belt when I bought the car.

Was told she had not ever had it replaced -- 110,000 miles.

Had to replace ignition computer, but no other problems in 12000 miles so far!!

1.8 liter manual transmission with Air conditioning.


19th Aug 2003, 10:53

Come on dude, 149 mph without any mods!!! Your tires would blow at 130 mph and you would end up dead in the ditch.

19th Sep 2003, 08:18

I have a Plymouth Laser RS n/t and I was wondering how I could improve the acceleration?

27th Sep 2003, 21:17

I have a 1991 Mitsu. Eclipse (1.8L). Which cyclinder is the #1 cyclinder? The one closes to the belts or tranny?

2nd Oct 2003, 22:13

To the guy on the 19th;

Sell it and buy a Chevette!!!

1st Feb 2004, 21:34

I have 2 Lasers (turbo 2.0) Neither of them will start. They will turn over, but no spark. One died while driving and will not restart. The other was shut off one night and hasn't started since. Will be checking ignition coil tomorrow. Any other suggestions?? turbo1girl@aol.com (put 'laser' as subject)

27th Jul 2004, 21:58

I had a 1990 Eclipse. Only problem I had before the engine blew was that that alignment was off and could not be fixed. However the reason the engine blew was that it was overhauled at 105,000 miles and at about 115,000 miles the wrist pin slid into the cylinder wall causing it to blow quite a bit of smoke.

8th Aug 2004, 17:07

I bought a 91 Plymouth Laser RS non-turbo from a friend that claimed that he berried the needle on the car. The only mods are no fuel cut off, intake and exhaust. I've driven the car up to 130 mph., but feared it was going to blow the engine if I went any faster. I don't believe my friend either, but if someone manages 149 mph. on a stock engine it is probably the last time the car will see the road at least until an overhaul. Hey! don't get me wrong these are great cars my Laser has 195,000 miles and all I have done is change the timing belts twice just to be safe.

1st Aug 2005, 22:29

I am an owner of a 1990 Plymouth Laser RS it has a stock 2.0 turbo motor. 149 does seem a bit high however while racing my friend in his 1992 Nissan Sentra SE-R (without 5th gear) I reached speeds at and slightly above 135. He of course had run out of power by this time. My Laser however seemed to just want to keep going. It is an amazing car and an incredible sleeper. Pulling up to a light next to a Honda or most any other car is a great thing, and it only gets better when you can look in your mirror and see them behind you!!!

11th Apr 2006, 12:05

My dad's Chrysler Laser would do 140. It had turbo, that's all I knew. We took it down a 2 mile nearly straight stretch road and that car is pretty fast. It will eat most any Honda you can throw at it.

18th Jun 2006, 16:46

This is to the guy on the first page I believe every word you say. I've done 110 in 3rd gear, with a blown crank seal, for granted all the oil laying in the plug channel, it went. mine is an automatic 2.0 non turbo. (STOCK). and my over drive is gone or it would have keep going. for those who don't believe it believe it now. my car was even dyno tested.

27th Jul 2007, 13:10

I had a 1990 Laser RS turbo and have hit 142-143mph (stock) back around 1991-1992. The last 8-9mph takes a very long straight, it got to 134-135 decently quick. 149mph sounds high without any modifications and the car only registered for 145.

20th Jun 2008, 07:36

92 Laser RS: I bought my POS Laser about a year ago, it's a 5spd n/t. Drove the car from Sacramento, CA to Detroit, MI to Biloxi, MS. The car made it without missing a beat... a week later the belt snapped. I had to rebuild the head so I put forged parts and reinforced the head and block. She's got performance suspension, tires, Brembo brakes, stock exhaust, stock intake... I have the parts but they are not installed... took the car to the drag strip and ran a 11.9 1/4mi, and also topped it on the highway at 146 at 7800RPM idk about 149 but the car has potential.

I have purchased 12k worth of parts for my toy, not all on yet, but she is quite the sleeper and it's awesome to laugh as you tell em they were burned by a LASER!!!

26th Oct 2008, 19:23

I just recently purchased a 91 Laser RS Turbo, auto, FWD. It has only 51,230ks.

The car is fast, but has a terrible ride over bumps. The turbo sounds like it's winding up like a rocket when I step on it. Had it going 160 ks an hour and I stepped on it with the cruise on! The engine knocked once and sounded very scary! But it was the first long 400 k plus trip the car's done in a long time. It seems to run better and faster after the trip.

It has a bad vibration coming from the top left rear wheel well. Comes and goes, usually when I hit bumps and idle it will do this. But the car runs fine besides that. Any ideas to what the cause of these vibrations are?

DSM lover! 2008.