14th Jan 2004, 11:34

Actually, I wish to ask a question of Neon owners. Oor 1999 Plymouth Expresso seems to develope a "wobble" coming from the right front wheel when under deceleration. What's up? I'm no expert, but this feels expensive!

25th Jun 2004, 08:21

Original writer of this review back for an update.

Shortly after writing the initial review and getting it back from the dealer's... again, the car died on me. This time it was the cam shaft position sensor. Cost me about $300 to have it replaced.

Since then, all has been eerily quiet. The car itself seems to be running okay (knock on wood), but the air conditioner doesn't work very well and the cruise control doesn't work at all anymore. I refuse to sink any more money into this car, so it's 2/55 air conditioning for me and maintaining my speed manually.

The car is finally paid off. I'd love for it to "live" for another 2 years, but I've got my doubts. No more Daimler-Chrysler products for me.

7th Jan 2005, 21:23

You're telling me you paid $300 to have a camshaft position sensor replaced?

Excuse me, but this part costs far less than $100, and takes about 5 minutes to replace. I have three at home I could've sent you for a buck.

I can't express this enough. An automobile is a piece of machinery with lots and lots of moving parts, and lots of parts that create friction between each other. Things happen.

With the Internet, we have so many resources available to us. We've got to learn how to use them. One visit to forums.neons.org with questions about this car could easily have saved you $200 at least.

24th Jun 2006, 19:22

"With the internet, we have so many resources available to us. We've got to learn how to use them."

Exactly. If people could spend less time whining about how much their car sucks and actually took the time to look up a message board about their car, they could save tons of money by knowing exactly what the problem is and how to deal with it.