1971 Plymouth Satellite 7.2L gasoline from North America


Awesome with great performance


No faults that merit mentioning. Car was (and still is) in excellent all round condition.

General Comments:

The car was extremely reliable, although it is a gas guzzler.

Handling is very good and steady for such a big vehicle.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2010

1973 Plymouth Satellite Custom 4 Door Hardtop 318 V8 from North America


Was grandpa's baby, and is now my baby


Had the radiator and battery replaced at 112000 miles.

Had the transmission rebuilt at 125000 miles.

The car was fully restored body wise in 2005 at 126000 miles.

Had 4 brand new tires put on it at 135000 miles.

And had new brakes put on at 136000 miles.

General Comments:

The car had belonged to my grandfather. After his death in August of 2003, my grandmother asked me if I wanted the car, and I said yes.

The black vinyl top was showing its age. The white paint looked fine, had some rust spots, and a few dents on it. It ran pretty good. The interior looked really good. The car was a nonsmoker's car.

When I obtained the car, it looked so-so, but ran really good. Yes, I have done my share of work to keep the car looking great. It still has all 4 of its original hubcaps still on the car to this very day. It is still a nonsmoker's car. The spare tire is also original, and so are the bumper jack parts.

On the highway, it runs great!! Lots of room interior wise. You can easily fit 6 people in this car. The trunk seems pretty big, too. Definitely family sized.

Once the car was restored in 2005, I decided to show my grandmother, who was in a nursing home at the time. When she saw what the car looked like, she was in shock and cried. She had to have a ride in the car. She had a few rides in the car before her death in 2008.

I really like this car a lot. It is big, very comfortable, and a strong runner. I never, ever use it in rain, ice, or snow. It sits in a climate controlled garage when not in use.

These are very rare cars, but if you find one, grab it!!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2010

13th May 2011, 19:11

Interesting review, but a couple of statements could use clarification:

1. Plymouth never made a "4-door hardtop" (as in, no "b" pillar) in the Satellite line. The reviewer's car is a sedan.

2. The reviewer states that these are "very rare cars". Well, they are certainly more rare than, say, a 1996 Plymouth Neon, but only because of their age. The four door sedan was not only (with some exceptions) the highest production bodystyle, but was also quite often purchased new by grandpa-types who did not drive them much and kept them garaged. Thus, sedans tend to be easier to find and cheaper to buy than other bodystyles of the same model, although as the supply of restorable other bodystyles continues to shrink, sedan prices could rise. In the case of the '71 Plymouth Satellite Custom (the mid-range model of the Satellite line) total production of 30,773 cars was eclipsed only by the Satellite Sebring two-door hardtop's 46,807 for that year. Despite its higher production, however, the Sebring has always been and always will be the more desirable car (though, of course, nowhere near the desirability of a GTX or Road Runner from that year!)