1991 Plymouth Sundance 2-door hatchback 2.5 4 cylinder from North America


Keeps going and going and going


Broken seat bolt. Easily fixed.

Normal maintenance, brakes, plugs and wires, filters, etc.

Paint is in not-so-good condition relative to its age.

Tachometer quit working at 106,000 miles.

General Comments:

For a small engine car it has the power to get around mountainous terrain fairly well.

Comfortable car for up to two people. Back seats lack leg room for adults especially for long trips.

I expected the car to last me about a year until I could afford a newer car. After the first year of trouble free driving I decided to keep it as a daily driver because of the reliability.

I have spent very little money and time to keep the car on the road.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001

6th Jul 2001, 00:15

Got one that has 120K on it... just spent $400 on emission parts to pass test... Best car I've driven in the snow (good for here in Chicago), almost impossible to get out of control.

19th Jul 2001, 22:16

Try driving one through an Eastern Ontario winter with worn performance radials on it! Forget getting out of control, it's hard getting it under control!

The silver lining is that its a light car that can easily be pushed out of snowbanks by a couple of people, or out of a ditch by a Blazer, Cherokee, or even a CRV. That's experience talking.

1991 Plymouth Sundance 2.2 litre from North America


An excellent bargain for what I paid for it


The basic things that wear out, like brakes, shocks, things of that sort.

I did have to replace the head gasket.. it leaked oil, and overheated due to a bad radiator, and caught fire. I got it fixed up and is running good as new again.

You can't kill this car, it has over 450,000 km on it, can't tell you exactly because the speedometer gave out 4 years ago, but I have been calculating the kms. My mom has a Toyota and that thing would get stuck on its own shadow... the Sundance is like a tractor in the snow and rides excellent. People can't believe that I am still using the thing. Excellent car.

General Comments:

Excellent on the road.

Handles well, gets around excellent in the snow.

Find one in good shape and it will last you a life time if you treat it right.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2001

1991 Plymouth Sundance 2.2 fuel injected from North America


Nice reliable automobile


Replaced timing belt.

Regular tune ups etc. brakes and rotors.

General Comments:

Good car, pretty reliable.. I beat mine into the ground and it comes back for more. This is my second Sundance, the first died with 196,000.

Performs well for a 4 banger, the manual transmission is a lot better than the auto.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2001

29th Jan 2004, 09:19

Hi, Excellent site and congratulations. I'm a Sundance (1991) owner and I'm debating weather or not I should have the head gasket

changed it will cost about 500.00 $ CDN. I just changed power steering pump, the water pump complete base and front all in all the repairs so far are up to about $1,000.00 I paid $1200.00 when it had 113,000 KM. or about 65,000 miles Should I keep it or try to dump the rest of the car is excellent and I drove from Quebec City to Montreal Monday and Friday at 130KM P/H. Please give me your comments. Thank you. My email is garysommerville2000@yahoo.com.

1991 Plymouth Sundance 2.5 from North America


Starts strong but fades fast


Threw a connecting rod bearing at about 160,000 kms.

Replaced the motor with new long block from Chrysler.

At 221,000 kms (warranty expired at 220,000), blew a head gasket.

Various small things like DRL relay, MAP sensor, etc.

Air conditioning went after the first summer, not repaired.

General Comments:

Not happy with this car. A friend has Mazda of the same age, and other than minor repairs, has had no problems. Would never keep a domestic car for more than 3 years if purchased new.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2000

21st Mar 2004, 22:10

Yup, another one of those morons with that opinion driven in their head "domestic VS imported" in 2004, they are the SAME. A domestic can be as or more reliable than a Honda/Toyota. A Honda/Toyota can be just as crappy as domestics of yore (1970s) Buy a car, any car, without thinking "domestic=crap import=good" that way of thinking is really old and isn't true anymore. Just a buy a car, if it is crappy even though you maintain it (more than just the oil, you have to replace ALL the fluids once in awhile) then blame the manufacturer, not where the car was made. That is ridiculous.