17th May 2006, 08:34

It's great to read these good experiences with the little Plymouth! I suspect that the oil light flickering, even when the crankcase is full, is an indication that the main bearings are worn. With worn bearings, the oil pump can't maintain oil pressure throughout the galleries, so by the time the oil reaches the sending unit, it will register low. A light that pulses rhythmically at stop signs is generally a sign of this.

29th May 2006, 20:23

I recently purchased a 91 Plymouth Sundance from a friend who had driven it for 100k+ miles with little problems. When it was passed to me, the only problem it seemed to have was a leaky fuel line. However; when that was replaced, things began to spiral out of control. We now have problems running the car for a lengthy time; once on the interstate, it seems to spit and sputter at a certain point. It eventually dies out and only after several hours will it even deem to respond again, and even that is tenuous at best. It would seem to be a problem overheating, but after a number of mechanics, hundreds of dollars, and a replaced fuel line, fuel pump, all the little innocuous things, spark plugs and a bunch of other things, we thought we finally had the problem fixed. Then tonight, a week after our latest mechanic's trip, the blasted car dies on the way home, same modus operandi. It has become increasingly frustrating and if anyone has lived through this and survived it, I would be most appreciative of any pearls of wisdom you could give.

12th Jun 2006, 01:51

91 Plymouth Sun dance. 2dr 2.5 L. Great car, easy to work on.

Paid $300. Head gasket was replaced before I owned it.

Worst problem I had yet was a bad battery clamp from the factory. (3 wire crimp). Car responded with no dash lights or interior lights. Car also would not start, click or sputter and the battery terminals were pipping hot. Dead! Replaced clamp all was fine...197,000 km.

12th Oct 2007, 12:21

To the guy with the oil light flickering, change the OPSU (oil pressure sending unit)

2nd Apr 2010, 18:05

This sounds like an awesome car! I would like to find one to have as a back up commuter car. I was struck particularly by the comments from the person who noted that a Red Sundance seems to particularly be more reliable.

3rd Jul 2011, 19:17

Bad ground somewhere.