1989 Plymouth Voyager 2.5L 4 cylinder from North America


Poor American Engineering


Another example of terrible American engineering. Have replaced the radiator several times, many CV boots, Heater core (still doesn't work), MAP (a $300 job was ripped off by mechanic), tumblers in driver-side door don't work, and many other small things.

Major problems:

-Engine had very loud valve tap lost pretty much all its compression around 125,000, had to be replaced with rebuilt engine.

-Trans went around 75,000 for previous owner and had to be replaced.

-A/C Clutch bearings went out and the compressor almost caught fire from the friction.

-There is a major problem in the front end. There is a grinding noise and severe play and wobble in the steering when cruising or accelerating. The wheel is also off-center. I guess it is a bearing or ball joint or something.

General Comments:

This car, although a workhorse, is designed terribly. The 4-cylinder engine is too large (2.5L) to run smoothly. At the same time, it doesn't have nearly enough power for the size of the car. It must be floored to maintain 40mph even when climbing reasonably small hills. Forget passing on 2-lane roads. The 3-speed auto trans is terrible and forces you to cruise at 4,000 rpm on the freeway. The throttle response is also extremely slow, as there is at least 1/2-1 second delay from when you press the gas to when you notice any major acceleration. I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone as there are too many small and large flaws in its design.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2003

28th Sep 2003, 19:29

Well you got 218,000 miles out of it so it couldn't have been designed THAT badly.. and I have the same 2.5L motor in my Plymouth Acclaim and it runs perfectly at 250,000 miles (and always has). Maybe the problem is with the owner, not the van.

28th Sep 2003, 19:32

Get rid of this death trap while you still can!! My uncle had an '89 Voyager with the 4 cyl engine and his caught fire with no warning while he drove.. And he still had 2 payments left on it! Junk, nothing, but junk.

1989 Plymouth Voyager 2.5L (non-turbo) from North America


Worth every penny


Timing Belt (original per previous owner) at 180,000 miles. Replaced it myself for <$100 not including the 11.5 hours spent doing repair in a parking lot at the Grand Canyon.

Replaced the Map Sensor every 1-2 years since 1996.

Air Conditioning has been inoperative since 1995. Per the original owner this has been a problem since the vehicle was 2 years old (three compressors replaced during warranty). I have never bothered spending any money on it.

Burns a little oil (What did you expect after a quarter million miles).

Has a problem with longevity of the CV boots. I have replaced 3 or 4 total since 1994. In one case this led to replacement of the right CV joint.

Most recently, she has begun to stall when cold.

General Comments:

Overall, this vehicle has been extremely inexpensive to own. I purchased it for $4000 in 1994 and feel that I have gotten more than my money's worth.

I have done regular preventative maintenance, such as oil changes every 3000ish miles (read 3-5K).

Interior has held up well considering that this vehicle has spent the last 140,000 miles outside in the Arizona sun.

Dealership has been used on a couple of occasions when map sensor had given out. Can vouch for Flagstaff dealer only.

We like the ride (especially after replacing the shocks and struts at 200,000+ miles). Sits nice and high in traffic.

Handles very well in the snow due to the front wheel drive.

All in all I would say that "Old Blue" has exceeded my expectations in every area.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003

22nd Apr 2003, 13:24

My experience with the 1989 Plymouth Voyager, V6 has been just the opposite. It's been a nightmare. I paid $1,000 for it. For this price my expectations weren't too high, but I didn't expect the comedy of disasters that were to soon follow. It's only been 3 months and I'm leaving the thing on the street. "They can steal it, it won't get far" After driving for 30 minutes it'll overheat! I don't even care if I don't get the $2,000 back that I put into it (radiators, rebuilt this and rebuilt that's). Every person should be forewarned. The head gaskets can blow on these vans, twice in 3 months! (a design flaw, they will never admit). It's an inevitability. This has not been my first experience with older model cars. Believe it or not I dig the older cars, they were built better. The Chevy pic ups, even the Toyotas, shoot! even the Volkswagen have character. The Plymouth? aaaahhhhhh uuuurrrggg don't walk, run! when you see or hear them coming. The darn thing may be accelerating all on it's own. It's the truth baby.