1990 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.0 from North America


Attn: Plymouth Voyager

I have read some very bad reviews on the Plymouth Voyager. My husband and I bought a 1990 Voyager in the late 90’s. It was used and apparently taken very good care of.

It had 93,542 on it when we bought it. I didn’t care.

We went to a car show at the fairgrounds in Spokane WA………There it sat. A little white van. Out of all of them I told my husband that I wanted that van. We paid $2,000.00 cash for it and the dealer added running boards, bugsheild and a luggage rack on the top. And also added stripping of my choice and detailed the van for us.

I couldn’t have been happier than I was with my little van.

Today, June 16, 2003 my little white van has 235,000 miles on it and it is our everyday car. I wouldn’t think twice about hopping in to it and taking a trip.

We maintain all of our vehicles with regular check-ups which always include that oil change every 3,000 miles.

My sister and I are great marathon shoppers. Our last trip out included 14 in- city stops.

That kind of driving will do a new car in in 85-90 degree weather. So, do I have a complaint……………Yes….My paint is falling off…..what happened to the paint. I brag so highly about my little white van, but I do feel that people wonder why I drive it with the paint falling off. Simple… I like it and I want to take Plymouth up on a “Good driver warranty” and have them put some durable paint on it.

Thanks for a great little car….

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Review Date: 16th June, 2003

2nd Dec 2003, 20:01

I think that it is amazing that the van has so many miles on it and runs so well! I was a little worried because I also have a 1990 Plymouth Voyager SE with 132,660 miles and was concerned about putting a rebuilt transmission in it (meaning if it was worth it). I love my Voyager and take such good care of it. I bought it with 110,000 miles and the first thing I did was replace the timing belt as I did not know if it was done before. I was wondering if anyone else with this van lets the belt go longer than 60,000 miles? It is an extremely well maintained van and is also used for disasters (was used during 9/11 in NY).

27th Sep 2006, 17:52

Well, my van has over 350,000 kl on it and it's still running well.

Replaced the transmission, but the block is still good.

1990 Plymouth Voyager LE 3.0L V6 from North America


A great vehicle despite the problems!


The only major problem with this vehicle is the transmission and the electrical system.

It has had minor repairs including the CV boots and front axles, transmission mount, starter, alternator, and battery.

General Comments:

My Voyager ran like a sports car until a serious electrical malfunction occurred just a few weeks ago. It ran 16 second quarter miles at the track!

Something (not yet diagnosed) has messed up the transmission computer or electrical system that has thrown the transmission into fail-safe mode; it's stuck in first gear and the gas pedal is hard to press. I am not quite sure what the problem is yet.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

1990 Plymouth Voyager LE V6 from North America


A sad excuse for a vehicle


Too many things to mention!

Continuously stalls.

RPM gauge decides to dance with the beat of the music instead of do it's natural function.

Leaks both oil and brake fluid.

V6 engine that hesitates before going.

Key broke in lock.

Rear window washer nozzle broke off.

Blows out blue smoke.

Speakers and sound system is lousy.

Bought it for $3000, put about that much into it for repairs, most certainly not worth the investment.

Will definitely buy imports from now on.

If you have the money to spend on repairing this van, then buy it. If not, then for sure stay away!

General Comments:

It gets me around town and it runs after 12 years.

Not a bad vehicle when it decides to actually work fine.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

10th Jul 2004, 13:10

1988 - 1990 Plymouth Voyagers are piece of crap cars. My family owned one between 1987 and 1998. Despite the 11 years of possession, it was 11 years of hell. When the vehicle was purchased, the washer fluid indicator light would come on when the brakes were applied. A big host of problems came after. Stay away from Plymouths.