10th Oct 2001, 11:27

I have a '98 Grand Voyager SE and have had constant problems with the ignition key not being recognized. Today my wife was unable to use the car because the key would not turn at all.

The other complaint I have is the jack system for changing a flat tire. The lug nut wrench/jack handle combo is the worst piece of equipment I have ever seen. It doesn't fit snugly to the lug nuts and rounds them out. For this reason alone, I may not purchase another product from this company.

19th Dec 2001, 10:22

My van, 1998, still have a problem with it, the dealer cannot find what`s wrong with it. When I`m at 120 Km/h on the highway, it feels like I`m losing power for few seconds, but when you do a long run, it gets tiring. Recomendation from my dealer "it is forbidden to go at that speed". Wow, what a comment, anyway this is a good vehicle anyway.

12th Feb 2003, 06:17

Yesterday our 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager also experienced a major ignition key problem. It happened a few times before, but I always was able to get it to work. Now it's completely unable to function. It has around 70K miles on it. I am lost on how to fix it. Alldata.com has a technical bulletin from June 2000, but it's not a recall and only dealers get that information. I wonder what this will cost?

2nd Jun 2003, 17:57

1998 Chrysler Town and Country LXI. Overall it's been a good van. Now we have 70K on it and intermitently the ignition doesn't recognize the key. My wife has been stuck a few times and found beating on the key helped.

18th Jun 2003, 15:37

I have a 98 Plymouth Voyager with a 3.0 L engine. My major problems began at approximately 75,000 k when the transmission began to leak. Required new transmission seal. Big dollars. Then at 98,000 k the engine was leaking oil and required the head gasket to be replaced and the lifters repaired. Big dollars. Finally at 102,500 k the engine oil problems returned. This time the dealer says the engine is burning oil even though I can't visually detect any blue smoke. Based on the problems I've been having I cannot recommend the Plymouth Voyager as a car to purchase.

6th Oct 2003, 13:44

I own a 1998 Voyager. For a couple of winters, I have been experiencing a leak during the rainy season. Water seems to pour in from the headliner to the rear window frame. Is anyone familiar with this? Can't seem to locate it and the dealer want hundreds just to look at it.

Any ideas?



9th May 2005, 07:21

I own a '98 Plymouth Voyager SE. It was fine until recently, when the engine continued to run after the ignition was shut off and the key removed. This lasted about 10 seconds and then stopped. The dealer had a lot of trouble finding the problem, replacing both a Body Control Module and a Power Control Module. While that problem seems to be alleviated, now the transmission seems to be "skipping a beat" and it is getting worse. The current mileage is 78,000.

21st May 2007, 09:28

I have a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager and on numerous occasions the key would not turn. It simply was locked. It seems to be a big problem.

24th Jul 2008, 21:52

I own a 98 Grand Voyager with the 3.0 V6 with 161K miles. I have also experienced all of the problems mentioned above.

I have heard that the problem with the flashing lights in the A/C panel is caused by a bad diode in the alternator or a bad engine ground cable.

Most of the instrumentation going dead problems can be directly tied to the BCM Body Control Module.

While this van has undoubtedly been the worst vehicle I have ever owned, it has also been one of the most versatile and enjoyable to drive.

I have the problem with the key, but mostly with duplicates that I had made and not with the original key.

The A/C failed at about 120K miles due to a bad condenser coil leak under the dash.

The transmission trashed itself at about 80K.

Now I am fighting a sudden bad oil leak, which I suspect is a bad front crank seal. By the way, it is a well known fact that if you use synthetic oil in an engine that has always used conventional motor oil, it will likely cause it to start leaking oil, because the synthetic oil will slip past the gaskets and seals that have become hardened and brittle from the conventional oil. But if you keep using the synthetic oil, it will soften and penetrate the old seals and stop the oil leaks!

Also the head liner has has separated from the overhead, and I have had to glue it back into place. I guess that I will be getting rid of this van shortly since I am tired of trying to fix it all the time. A mechanic friend of mine told to get rid of it before 80k miles, now I know why...

I would love to buy a new "American" one, but just can't do it because of my bad experience with this one. My other cars have all been Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans.

21st Jul 2009, 15:55

I have a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager. It is at 349276 miles. The car runs beautifully except for one problem. It would not start if the odometer does not come on. Everything else works, the lights, radio, air condition, flasher etc. If when the car is switched to the on position and the dash board lights up and the odometer can be read, the car will start. If the car is switched to the on position and everything on the dash, lights up with the exception of the odometer, the car will not start. I am unable to pinpoint the cause of this problem...help.

14th Dec 2009, 14:30

1998 Plymouth Voyager bought second hand.

Earlier this month the heating and cooling system starting not working. Prior to the problem everything worked great. The heat was hot, and the A/C was cold. Now, none of the buttons or knobs work. The only options are to turn it on or off via the fan knob, and it is stuck in full hot defrost only.

I have tried the A/C test pattern, but no luck, I can't get the cycle to start to even begin to diagnose the problem.


13th Aug 2010, 12:05

I have the same problem. If the odometer fails to come on, it will not start. 1998 Grand Voyager, 202000 miles.

30th Aug 2010, 07:56

I also have a Plymouth Voyager. Bought it used, had problem galore, paid 4500 and put in at least that much. Transmission went, fan switch problems, and other problems too numerous to enumerate.

The engine is very good. I like the van, but cannot recommend it.

4th Jul 2011, 18:36

The engine has to be raised up from the vehicle, Front main seal has to be replaced.