1991 Pontiac 6000 LE 3.1 Multi Port Injected from North America


A powerful and reliable car!


Replaced the altenator twice.

Replaced the water pump once.

Replaced a gasket on top of the water pump numerous times (the coolant eats away at the gasket causing it to leak)

Replaced the battery twice.

Replaced the spark plugs once. (about time for a set of plugs.)

Replaced the fuel filter once.

Replaced the serpentine belt once.

Sometimes the air conditioning blows through the wrong vents. Example: through the defrost vents on top when it should be on the face.

The lever for the emergency brake broke off.

Seat is sinking down on the drivers side.

Most of these problems are expected with a car this old.

These are all very minor problems for a car of this age.

General Comments:

This car is very fast. It has plenty of power for a four door. It just keeps on running and running. Everyone I know who has a 6000 loves it. They all have well over a 100,000 miles on them. I wish they still made cars like this.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2002

1991 Pontiac 6000 LE 2.5 4 cylinder from North America


Will last if maintained


Alternator has been replaced 3 times

EGR valve needs replacing

Heating and Air conditioning fan had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Very reliable and cheap to maintain car. It has been very well taken care of and I plan to keep it until it no longer runs.

It drives nice and rides smoothly for its age.

It doesn't have much power, but does well on gas at about 28mpg.

Every thing is still functioning on this 12 year old car. I think that this vehicle is a decent transportation if well maintained.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2002

5th Jan 2010, 19:36

If you still own your 6000, you can get your engine remanufactured for about $1,300.00 and your car will run like new. That is what I did with my 85 6000 STE when it had a lot of miles on it. Just thought I would give you an idea. Thank You.

1991 Pontiac 6000 LE 3.1L MPFI from North America


A very reliable speed rocket


Replaced alternator 3 times since owning vehicle.

Recently replaced MAP Sensor and Oxygen Sensor due to rough or low idling.

Headliner is falling.

Power Windows are slow to open and close.

General Comments:

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the vehicle.

It has quick acceleration and is very reliable transportation.

The stock tires in my opinion were too skinny, so I put some wider profile tires to better grip the road.

At speeds over 80 MPH, the steering wheel vibrates badly.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2002

5th Jan 2010, 19:43

The vibration could be from mis-alignment, wheel loose, tire may have a flat spot, balance weights may have fallen off. I hope this helps.

1991 Pontiac 6000 LE 3.1 from North America


A great car for the money I paid for it


The computer in the car went after sitting in the driveway for three months.

I had to get the ball joints fixed on it to pass inspection.

General Comments:

This is my first car, and I love it. I got it for free from my dad.

My dad owned it before me, and when he bought it, there were 180,000 miles on it. In four years, he put 140,000 miles on it, and it still runs!

It may not be the best looking car in the lot, but it runs awesome.

I love the gas mileage, almost 35 miles to the gallon.

I also like how it is so worn in. I drove a 2002 Dodge Neon, and it was too stiff for me. If I could, I'd buy 10 year cars for the rest of my life! They just aren't too reliable.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2002

21st Sep 2004, 13:09

Just bought one of these cars. it dies every once and a while. what was the sympoms of the computer going bad?

14th Aug 2007, 04:26

How are you getting 35 mpg? The highest hwy mileage these cars are known to have is 27 mpg.

5th Jan 2010, 19:23

To the person who replied on the 1991 6000 Car Survey site; I own an 85 6000 STE with the 3spd. automatic, and while I was driving to Phoenix from LA at 55mph, I achieved 32mpg. In my 2001 4cyl Audi A4, while driving to Washington St., I got 39.3mpg at 55. So, if you want high mileage, there are ways to get great mileage.