24th Aug 2003, 16:29

Comment from owner:

Car has been relinquished from our family and is sorely missed. All original, as new; hopefully will be as appreciated by the new owner as I have for the past 20 years.

7th Mar 2004, 20:21

Mine was an '83 STE Lt.Brown/Mink with suede leather upholstery. Obtained with 37,000 miles and survived to 200,000. The transmission was slipping badly. The man said it likely was an over-running clutch that would not hold when accelerating too hard. The dipstick was tricky to read. I'd give it an 180* and double check.

I also replaced air shocks with regular. The air pump was live wired, when a boot started leaking they could cycle all night.

Already, when I bought it, it did not have the original battery. I surmised years later why! Controlling the light in the trunk was a tilt-switch that remained "on". You didn't use the car for a period of time, "dead battery"

The choke light would light and hum then fade out at 20 MPH. That come to mean an alternator diode had popped!

A fuel metering solenoid at the carburetor was replaced twice. (Would bog & limit speed to 45 MPH.)

A special socket, to remove anti-theft lug nut, broke at first tire rotation.

The aluminum radiator core was replaced with a copper core.

Tail lights (8) were on 2 different circuits. Had to blow two fuses before you were without rear lights.

Trunk and hood were repainted. Desert sand-blasted forward edge of hood. A close look at the windshield, showed sand damage. An area the size of your hand on the trunk just peeled right off!

Seen an exact mate in the Bahamas, but it was "cherry"

I don't know how fast it would go, speedometer only registered to 85 MPH.

A hulk of ice, off a truck I met, hopped up and took out a plastic grille section. Oh, we had our troubles, alright!