5th Nov 2002, 14:02

I just wanted to say that I share in your belief that the Pontiac 6000 STE is one of the best cars ever made. I drive a 1984 STE. It was my first car (I am 19) and I will drive it until I can afford something else. Then I will put her in the shop and do a complete makeover of her. It is black and silver (oh, it is so beautiful!) with factory air, 4-wheel disc brakes, cruise, power everything, leather steering wheel/shifter, air ride, special alloy rims, shaded tail lights, special chrome package, high output 2.8 V6, 4 lamp system, and a whole host of other goodies that you won't find on modern cars costing 3 times as much as she did when she was new. The body is perfect, there is not a single bubble or line in the factory deep tint on the windows. I have added a few things myself such as a performance exhaust, exterior lighting, and a kenwood/pioneer stereo. I am still amazed at how reliable this car is. Except for the rear shocks, gas tank, alternator, battery, steering rack, and oil/air filter, she still has all her original parts. 244,101 kms and she still starts every time!!

P.s.- This car is great in snow! I have gone places my dad's 4x4 can't go!!!


8th Sep 2003, 09:39

The window is suppose to only go down half way for child proof and I have the same one and it is a great car is your the original motor.

21st Apr 2004, 17:18

I owned an 1986 STE for 16 yrs. Nice car. Especially loved the air suspension and accompanying handling. Also appreciated the digital display. Makes life easier going from US to Canada. Ahead of it's time.

I think however that my, sorta new 2002 4 cyl. Camry, is quicker and more user friendly.

I do miss the STE.

29th Jun 2004, 18:51

My dad bought an 84 STE in 1988 with 40,000 miles. I started driving it in 1992. It is now 400 miles away from 300,000 miles on the odometer, even though the speed sensor has gone out a few times. I think it must have 310,000 miles. Engine 1 lasted 167,500, 2 went at 287,000, it is on engine number 3. Engine 2 and 3 were built with RV cams. It helped, but I wouldn't pull the engine just to install one. Trans 1 was rebuilt a few times, 2 is a bone yard trans with a Trans Go shift kit out of the first trans. The shift kit is great, I highly recommend it. I'm surprised nobody mentioned passing gear. I have a glass pack muffler. Sounds like it has a 350. You can imagine with that many miles, Over the years I've replaced almost everything mechanical and have repaired major wiring problems, but I just can't get rid of the thing, even though it is beginning to rot away. Still not bad for 20 years.

24th Dec 2008, 19:25

I have to add that the 2.8 did not put out any 165 horse power, LOL, try more like 125 at the most. And 175-180 ft lb of torque.

23rd Nov 2009, 19:53

I own an 85 STE and I have driven the car from CA to AZ, to NV, OR, and WA. The car has 300,000 miles on it and is on its third engine with the original engine lasting until 170,000 miles, the replacement engine lasting only a short while in which I had it completely remanufactured.

I drove the car for about 50,000 miles when I purchased a new 2001 Audi A4. Since then, I have purchased another 85 STE, which has only 127,000 miles on it in 11/07. I had all the fluids flushed, the fuel injection cleaned using the Motor Vac system, repainted the car the same color, and replaced the rack and pinion gear.

I thoroughly enjoy the cars (yes I still have the other), and look forward to this Christmas holiday when I drive the car I purchased in 07, down from WA to CA. In the past I have averaged about 26 mpg.

Most Sincerely, Kristopher.