3rd Jul 2001, 07:33

GM still makes the 6000's today, it's called the Grand Prix. Although the Prix is FAR less luxurious and sporty than the 6000's were. Grand Prixs don't have auto-leveling air suspension, 12-way power seats, or AWD like the 6000's did.

I love my 1990 6000 S/E AWD and I know it will last a LONG time. Great in the snow, great in the sun, and the ride/handling is up with the BMW 540i. It's an awesome car, and it's my lady in red :)

12th Nov 2002, 10:36

Just a quick comment. Pontaic grand ams were being built when they built the pontiac 6000.

2nd Jun 2004, 07:26

I love my 6000 wagon. I just got it from a old neighbor who said he didn't have the space for it. it runs great a little hard to start, but I think its because the gas is old. but I had a 88 cutlass and ran poorly, this is much better, except on gas ;)

29th Jan 2005, 21:00

Wrong again. Lumina's replaced the celebrity.

26th Jul 2007, 00:50

I completely agree with the a-body comment. I have had an '84 6000 and it wouldn't quit, even after I wrecked it. :( I now have a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera with only 50,000 miles on it. I am a die-hard a-body fan, and I don't want anything else. Please check out http://www.a-body.net/forums/ for a message forum and lots of other info! :D.

24th Jun 2010, 20:08

Ummm... the "Grand Prix" is NOT the 6000. Good grief. It might have taken the same space on the dealer floor went it went away, but it was NOT the same car!

I was an itty bitty boy when these cars were being sold, and I LOVED them!! About 4 years old and fell in love with a black STE on the dealer lot! Ugh. I remember hearing the gentleman who bought it wrecked it two days later! Ooh I was MAD!