6th Mar 2006, 18:58

Pontiac 1000 (ie: Chevette) --just a tough little customer!! it will not die 176,000 miles and still running, just starting to burn a little oil, but for a 1986 T-1000 with 176,000 I can't complain one bit--and if I remember it only cost about 4500 brand new in 1986--We have got our money out of this car 10 times over---wonder why whenever GM has something that works, they stop making them?--I guess if they last more than 5 years you won't have to buy a new one and that's there plan--my next will be a Toyota not a GM product (although I think none of auto makers are going to get much out of me, because I drive them till the wheels fall off!!!) --if you run across a good shape Pontiac T-1000 or Chevette BUY IT!!! if your looking for CHEAP to operate this is it.

4th Jul 2006, 18:18

I own a 1969 Acadian Beaumont (made in Canada) 396 CID Engine with 400 Turbo Transmission. Compared to new cars, this car is a dream to work on.

I am the second owner and the car has only 95,350 original miles. It was restored in 1984. Oh yes, it is a convertible with manual top.

20th Oct 2006, 11:40

My 1985 T-1000 is a GREAT car---it has 234,600 miles (as of today) and still running strong!!! the car shakes rattles rolls, and starts EVERY-time. It is not as good on gas as I wish, but with all those miles, and the "old school" technology, I'm not complaining---my advice to anyone that runs across a decent shape old CHEVETTE, or T-1000 is BUY IT!! Its not pretty, not comfortable---but it is one tough little customer!! and one thing I like is that with the hatchback, and the folding down rear seat its good for hauling lots of stuff, I can't get anything in my Tercel, but the old T-1000 (betty) is great for hauling--like a small pickup---all work we have done over the years has been routine--JUST had to put a carburetor on it--that cost 350 bucks, and another 100 to put in--but I hope it will help get my MPG back up in the mid 20s or so---anyhow--can't complain a bit---paid for itself MANY times over--and one last thing--this car a TOTAL backyard mechanic car---I can work on just about anything on it---ANOTHER PLUS.

22nd May 2008, 14:32

I have 1984 T-1000 with only 102000 miles. It sat behind a shop for 10 years (in Arizona). It needed a new radiator, a good tune up, and cleaning of the fuel system, and it started right up. It gets 35mpg!!! It's really slow, under powered and kinda ugly, but it's the best hoopdie I've ever owned. %100 satisfied. If you're looking for a cheap reliable fuel efficient car, and come across a T-1000 or Chevette, BUY IT.