23rd Jun 2005, 10:34

When you read these stories, you seem to forget that this is just a few instances of a bad occurrences. Yes, there are some negative reviews on the Aztek, but stop and think about how many were produced. Think about all the ones you see driving around. If you look at it that way, well these negative are just a needle in a hay stack.

25th Jul 2005, 12:59

Well I was just looking at an ad, that had a 2002 with 96k miles, and excellent condition for about 6k. Was wondering should I go for it? Any suggestions.

23rd Aug 2005, 17:15

Go for it! Great price, and they are a great car!

20th Nov 2005, 09:07

The original posting was mine.

I've now had this vehicle a full year and other than replacing 2 tires (I ruined one on road junk and the other rear tire had already been patched twice. I'm a nail magnet),zero repairs.

I took my first vacation with it in July 2005 and got an average of 25 mpg with a top of 29.3! I set the cruise for 65 and exceed that only to pass slower vehicles.

The body is still tight and rattle-free.

We still love this vehicle!

23rd Nov 2005, 23:39

My wife and I came across a 2002 Aztek. When they first came out I thought I would never get one. Funny thing is that after driving it I totally fell in love with the thing. I had my mechanic check it out and he said it was scary how it was in such great shape. Just like new. Not bad for 5k.

12th Mar 2006, 18:24

Just remember that studies have proven that you will get an average of 11 complaints for ever 1 praise. Use your own judgment.

5th Mar 2008, 08:56

My wife and I have owned our 2002 Aztek since Nov. 2004. Got it used for $11,200 w/26,000 miles. Have had to replace head gasket, both front hub assemblies. Other than that, has been a great vehicle with lots of room to fit Three car seats across the back seat with no problems. Still runs like a champ and would buy a new one in a heartbeat. Minor electrical problems and normal wear and tear replacement (brakes, rotors) but have driven it on three 3,000+ mile trips and never have been more comfortable in a vehicle for long periods of time. Wish they still made them...

29th Jun 2011, 16:05

I say they are going to stop building it.