1979 Pontiac Bonneville 302 from North America


Overall, a wonderful car and I wish I never sold it


- Rust developed after 14 years, paint came off, rust through bumper at 15 years.

- Sluggish when pulling out from a stop when engine was cold, but not when warm.

- Not much considering was 1991 and this was a 1979 car.

General Comments:

This was my first car when I was 16 years old. At first, I was totally embarrassed by it's boat-like size, rusted paint condition, and obsolete exterior styling.

Then, as I drove it for a while, I noticed it had the smoothest ride. It was a smoother ride than my grandfather's Cadillac, and it handled better than a Cadillac around corners!

Then one day, I was driving and had to pass someone on a two lane road where passing was only legal for a short distance before the next hill. I was astounded to find out this car was FAST. It felt like an extra gear kicked in and launched the thing forward!

Well, after that, I was racing muscle cars on the abandon air port strip.(like 68 Dodge Challengers) Of course, I usually didn't win against cars that had all kinds of hopped up modifications, but it beat pleanty of sotck cars out there. It always kept pace with any of the sporty models, and that amazed people.

Anyway, I was hit by a an antique fire truck in this car that was enroute to a parade. It was a BIG truck, and it only smashed in the front left fender. I went and got a replacement at a junk yard for about $25, and put it on. (I didn't know it then, but I have had cars since then where I would have been killed in an accident like that!)

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Review Date: 9th January, 2007

9th Jan 2007, 20:24

"68 Dodge Challengers"?

Those must be pretty rare... as in, nonexistent.

29th Jan 2007, 19:41

Great story I just picked up a 79 Bonneville for $200 and it's going to be my first car. It's in mint condition, but the head gasket is blown tragically.

My dad owns a transmission shop and we love Pontiacs we have a 65 and a 67 GTO.

We're putting a modified 455 in it along with a High Performance Turbo 400.

You're right that thing is a big boat, but I love the interior and the comfy seats.

1979 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham V8 Two Bbl from North America


This car is awesome if you can pay for the gas


Engine seals and gaskets replaced at 105,000 miles.

Engine Manifold and exhaust replaced at 105,000 miles.

Brake lines replaced and new rotors installed at 105,000 miles.

New gas tank and fuellines installed at 105,000 miles.

The interior of the car had been detailed and appears to have maintained a like new condition since front and back seat covers and carpeting were removed.

General Comments:

This is a very large, very powerful luxury car.

It is reflective of an era when gas was much less than 1.00 per gallon.

The car is a well balnces cross between a living room and the HMS Brougham, the only difference is that it goes 70MPH without a rattle or hum...

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Review Date: 11th November, 2005

1979 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham 5.7 V8 from Switzerland


A great car and a good investment


Wiper switch had to be changed 2 weeks ago. The wipers wouldn't stop whatever the position of the switch was.

Automatic Climate Control mode selector melted 3 weeks ago. The A/C still works, but only on low fan speed... I'm still looking for the part.

A/C fan needs to be changed. It makes noises, but works.

My head gasket are dead at 110000.

General Comments:

This is one of the best car I've ever owned even if I don't own it for a long time I know all the previous owners.

The car never had any troubles. It drives smoothly, the steering is so soft and the car moves so easily and is so comfortable.

It can go almost anywhere and has a good mileage for its size and the topography here in Switzerland.

I love this car and it just need a new paint job to be perfect.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2004