1991 Pontiac Bonneville SSE 3.8 from North America


Best car ever made! Period


The only real expensive things that have gone wrong with the car, was the air conditioning stopped working, and the tranny slips. The transmission slips in overdrive, so it needs to be driven in drive. The car also needs to be warmed up or it won't go into gear (but what can you expect with 240000kms).

The leather seats are nice, although the driver seat wore badly, but some duck tape fixed that.

A little rust has developed, but it is 16 years old.

The air ride in the back has a leak, so the compressor is always on.

General Comments:

This is the best car in the world. If you're thinking about one, stop thinking and just buy one.

We've put more than 100000kms onto the car and have only spent like 4-5grand on repairs, such as oil changes, ball joints, and shocks, and such.

That car handles in the summer at about a 8/10, and in the winter a 7/10. The GM 3.8 will NEVER die and can squeal the tires quite easily.

Tons of interior room (the leather seats are fabulous) and plenty of space in the trunk for a sound system.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2007

1991 Pontiac Bonneville LE from North America


Sturdy, comfortable and reliable car


Is generally in good condition, although the seals around the windows and windshield have worn out and leak around edges, causing the electrical window and lock mechanisms to short out. I paid to fix one of the windows last year, but again this year it has shorted out.

General Comments:

This particular car has been through the wringer -- the previous owner was in a major collision that crumpled the driver's side front corner of car. I hit a deer on the passenger's side front corner earlier this year, and a big truck ran into the passenger's side back corner of the car. The car does not look like much now, to say the least, but aside from replacing the specific light assemblies, etc, the car continues to run like a champ. The body on it is so solid, I am trying to keep it running for at least another year as my youngest daughter turns 16 this year, and I like knowing I have a car that is not going to shatter if it is in a collision. It is becoming harder and harder to find used parts for the car, though.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006

1991 Pontiac Bonneville SSE 3.8 V6 from North America


The car is everything one would want, comfort, style, reliability, and good fuel economy; buy one!


Car needed new link pins in the front end when I bought it, cost including labor was about $50.

I changed all the fluids on the car as soon as I bought it, outside of that there has been no expenses with the car.

General Comments:

No one can argue that this is not a stunning car, I get comments on the 'cool factor' of it all the time.

Interior is incredible, lots of toys and everything is within easy reach, the buttons on the wheel make for very safe driving. Seats are incredibly comfortable.

Engine power is slightly lacking, but certainly nothing to laugh at. This was improved later with the introduction of the Series2 3.8 in 1995.

Overall the car drives great with good fuel economy and with every bit the comfort and style of expensive imports. Someone at Pontiac certainly knew what they were doing when they designed this model.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2006

1991 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3.8 from North America


Very reliable


I got the timing belt changed when I first got it.

Front power windows don't work the best.

Replace starter.

Replace alternator because of being old and my stereo.

New tires.

New brakes.

Transmission is starting to go bad.

Left blinker doesn't go off.

General Comments:

My sister had an '89 Bonneville and she wreaked it. I found this on for 300 buck and the tranny was bad. We switched tranny and engine.

Very reliable.

Has never left me stranded.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2005

1991 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3.8L V6 from North America


Great for vacations!


Windshield on driver's side started leaking right after I purchased the car.

Replaced alternator once.

Replaced heater core.

Replaced radiator.

Replaced power steering pump.

Replaced transmission mount.

Replaced transmission at 100k miles.

Clear-coat has peeled off.

General Comments:

This car rides and drives very well considering it's age.

The interior has hardly any wear and tear considering mileage.

Plenty of room for six adults without being cramped.

Most reliable car I have ever owned!

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

9th Jul 2003, 00:45

I have 113,000 miles on my Bonneville. She still drives and rides as if it were new. It has been in two accidents (not our fault) and this car still performs beautifully. It handles as if it were on rails.

I am about to replace the headliner (sagging) due to age.

I have only replaced regular wear and tear items.

15th Nov 2007, 10:35

I have owned my car for 7 months and it has 194,000 miles, the only thing I have had to fix was a leak in the radiator. I am I high school student and it's a great and reliable car to get around in.