2002 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi 3.8 supercharged from North America


The greatest car I've ever owned


Idler pulley required replacement.

MAF sensor required replacement.

Did both myself - job took 1 hour, and cost under $150 in parts.

General Comments:

GM will never make this great a car again, thanks to Obama and his followers.

This car has it all; power, comfort, features, and reliability. New foreign cars can't hold a candle to this car.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2011

2002 Pontiac Bonneville SLE 3.8 liter from North America


Pontiac Bonneville brings you driving excitement


Well when I bought the car, I had to buy a passenger side foglight for it. Then I had to replace the oil sending unit, temperature cooling sensor and the thermostat.

I had to replace the intake manifold gaskets.

Altogether, since I've had the car, I have put 150.00 into her..

General Comments:

Pontiac did an excellent job in my opinion with the last years of the Bonneville. Everything you have ever wanted in a vehicle you get with the Bonneville. This is the 2nd Bonneville I have owned; the first Bonneville I had was an 2001. On the 02, they changed some things in the interior, and they changed the exhaust tips from square to oval.. They also changed the cupholders and the heated switch controls from the console to the bottom of the dash.. Pontiac also introduced new rims, getting rid of the 20 spoke and the 6 spoke.

The car is very fast, and has a lot of get up and go. Very responsive, and everything is in reach of the driver. My favorite feature is the radio controls on the steering wheel, and the red lighting Pontiac uses.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2011

2002 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3.8 from North America


We had four steering shafts replaced, two intake manifold gaskets replaced, and two window units replaced.

Now the car is making a noise again in the steering.

Also, all the rims leak. Had them checked when I bought new tires; was told they are falling apart on the inside. They sanded and glued them; held for a week, then told to replace them.

The car leaks when it rains. Passenger floor gets wet. Don't know where it is coming from.

The heated seats stopped working at 28,000 miles on the car.

I called GM about all the problems, and they told me sorry, but nothing they can do about this. This is unheard of; I never had all these problems with a car. I have been a loyal GM buyer, but now I won't buy another one.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2010

2002 Pontiac Bonneville SLE 3.8 from North America


Engine started knocking after owning it for one month. In the shop now getting it replaced.

General Comments:

Great ride and comfortable, but not having the best luck so far.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2010

1st Feb 2010, 23:52

Aww man, I hate that you're having problems with it, I also have an 02 Bonneville SLE.. I love mine to death, and I will admit it does have problems, but I love this car, so I will keep fixing it..

So far, if you would like to know my problems, my driver seat warmer, back window motor, gas tank valve, anti lock brakes sensor, oil pressure sensor, I might be forgetting a few, but these are all cheap fixes, so it didn't really bother me..

As long as you love the car, and you take care of it, it will do you good.. I bought it used with 82300 and now has 100115 miles, and it still drives like it's brand new..

Best of luck to you bud!!! Keep me updated on it though...

2002 Pontiac Bonneville from North America


I will not buy another one!


My trunk leaks, the rear floor boards fill up with water EVERY time it rains. I have replaced all 4 window regulators, there is a clicking noise when I turn the steering wheel and there are obvious electrical issues with the lights.

General Comments:

The car is great to drive when it is not having to be air dried from the smell that is in it after a rain storm.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

9th Jul 2009, 08:17

I have had the same problems with my Bonneville. I also agree that the car is great when it isn't having issues.

14th Feb 2010, 12:55

I also have a 2002, bought used with 150,000 just a week ago. I hate to say I have been noticing nothing but trouble. Trunk latch is broke, but once opened, nothing but a block of ice. Rear floor was also frozen, have been trying to thaw and dry it out. I do not think that would be the problem with the rear window modules either, I think that are just plain junk, at this point I have one working window, and door lock, the passenger side. None of the controls in the drivers door work at all, back door don't lock when the lock button in the front is hit. Steering noise and clunk I have, they told me it needed power steering fluid. Did that, didn't make a bit of difference. Also short in heater motor, once I got it to work, it will NOT shut off unless unplugged every time. This is partly poor quality for Pontiac, and bad dealership for me, I am amazed at how they are able to get things to work temporarily, and when they die I find them covered in duct tape! Also reset the check engine light, how nice of them.

On the upside, I love the way it handles, when I'm not freezing, I am totally comfortable in this car, picks up great, awesome on the highway, love the look of it, BUT glad I didn't pay much for it.