19th May 2003, 11:00

I bought a 96 Bonneville SE new in that year. It's a fantastically comfortable and reliable car. The ride is great and I've not had any problems understanding or using the push settings. Mostly, you just set the temp you want and it'll do the rest! It's May 2003 and I'm going on 140,000 miles. No major problems encountered. DO the required maintenance and 3,000 oil change/lube and it'll take care of you! I'm looking forward to 200,000 miles with this baby! Oh yea... my brother loved mine so much he went out and bought a used 1997 and loving his also. Great car!

29th Mar 2006, 22:08

I never thought that I would ever cry over the loss of a car... seems silly to everyone I encounter, however I have shed many crocodile tears over the untimely "death" of my 1994 Bessey the Bonneville.

I totaled her in the last sleet storm of the year 3 weeks ago. I truly believe that the wide wheel base and weight of the car saved the lives of my daughter and myself. After a trip down a 20 ft. embankment and 50 ft. into the woods we did not roll over... everyone that saw the scene of the accident said most cars would have.

My insurance co. gave me absolute top dollar because they could not believe she was 12 years old. I am traveling the state of Maine trying to replace her with a 1996.

Bessey..may you rest in peace.. WE MISS YOU!!!

22nd Mar 2009, 16:42

I own a 1997 Bonneville SSE, and I love it so much, and I love the button temp!! The only thing that has gone wrong with my car since I had it is the crank sensor... hard to fix, but she runs like a dream once again, but the trade in value for these cars is really low at 4,200 dollars for something that is so luxurious and nice looking. I don't understand it, this car is definitely one of the best vehicles to come out of GM. Keep up the good work!! :)

13th Feb 2011, 11:57

I just got a 1996 SSEI for 2,200. Absolutely beautiful car. My only concern is it being a little "too much" car for my wife, who is a new driver. Anyone that has ever punched the gas on one of these should understand what I mean... zip, zoom... GONE.