18th Aug 2005, 08:42

I agree! The Bonneville is a well built car. I drive mine the same expecting something to break, and old reliable holds on. Mine is approaching the 100k mark and thoughts have crossed my mind to sell it. But why should I it runs great. Keep driving hard!!

24th Nov 2005, 17:15

Sorry to say, 2 months after posting my update my transmission finally let go at almost 120,000 miles. Amazing it lasted that long considering my uncontrollable urge for full throttle take offs and long smokey burnouts. However, a rebuild with heavy duty parts was just over $1,100. I'm now up to 130,000 and the Bonney is still running strong as ever.

Finally I think I'm ready for something rear wheel drive with a little more power. I'll be getting rid of the Bonney soon. Thinking about a late 80's GTA or an LT1 powered Caprice. Either way I'll be a lifelong advocate for the Bonneville.

3rd Nov 2007, 16:43

This will be my final Bonneville update, as I sold the car about a month ago. Well I sold the Bonneville for $1500 with 157,000 miles. on the clock. the car still ran great, but it still needed it's fair share of repairs. The check engine light had been on for about 30k miles. I can't remember the trouble code, but, it turned out to be a dry rotted vacuum line at the evap canister. After selling it, the new owner told me that it also had a bad wheel bearing and a small lead from the fuel sending unit. Still, a very solid car for how hard I've beaten it for the past 5 years.

I don't think I'll miss it too much because I've replaced it with a '95 LT1 police pkg. caprice (Impala SS) and a 98 6spd LS1 Firebird Formula. My new cars make the Bonneville feel anemic by comparison, but the Bonneville was not designed to compete with these vehicles. Still, I can honestly say that I would recommend the Bonneville to anyone who wants a competent, comfortable, reliable daily driver!