5th May 2005, 13:39

I likewise have owned a 1988 Bonneville SSE (white). I bought mine new in 1988, and kept it for 9 years putting 90,000 miles of totally enjoyable, mostly trouble free motoring. In all that time I replaced a fuel pump, battery and of course tires. Exhaust system was like new the day I sold it. Although I have owned mostly Asian cars since, the 1988 Bonneville SSE will go down as one of my absolute favorite cars which I have owned. I actually still miss it!


23rd Aug 2005, 20:08

I am 18 Years old. I also own a 1988 Bonneville SSE. I LOVE THIS CAR. It has been with me through thick and thin. Everyone is right about this car being awesome. The suspension is great. I love it sooo much. If anyone could give me any information on how to do any personal modifications to it.


24th Apr 2007, 14:19

I have a white '88 SSE that I have had since new. It has about 80000 miles on it (128000km). I absolutely love it. So much so I overlook the many things that have gone wrong- after all it has been nearly 20 years!

Those who have a leaking sun roof, try rubbing silicone grease into the rubber. Solved the problem for me. (I am an ex silicone development chemist.)

I can afford a new car, but can't come up with anything I would rather own that wouldn't cost a fortune.

7th Jul 2008, 22:17

I am the original owner of an 88 SSE, and it now has 296,000 miles on it. Everything still works, and it's all original. Unreal for sure.

The engine is sooo smooth, you can't hear it running. It has been an awesome car.

Not sure what I will do with it long term, but would love to see it in the hands of collector. It is a unique vehicle.

Did you know there are no knobs in the car. Every control is a toggle or button of sorts.

I just love the car, but what do with it after it hits 300,000 is the question. Thanks for listening.

11th Nov 2009, 00:58

Seems I have a bit of everyone's problems in this car. Just got a collectors plate for it, and am offering it for $1500. Seems now junkers all gone, but can only sell to 16 ers. Seems a shame that no Pontiac lovers want this. Been in garage 20 yrs and added a plug to take care of any power drains, which no one could ever find. It would be neat if some older person would take off my hands. Been good to us for all these years. Plus trunk is huge unless looking at new Cad DTS.

30th Dec 2009, 00:15

Whoever reads this, know that it excites me to find other Bonneville enthusiasts who love their 88 Bonneville. I love the 88 to 91 body style, and have owned 7 in the past 15 years.

Speaking of the SSE model, I got my first one a few months ago, an 88 model with only 45,000 miles, and I was shocked at all the options the SSE has on it compared to the LE.


5th Jul 2010, 01:37

I loved my Pontiac SSE.

The seats were very comfortable, and it drove like a dream. The controls on the steering wheel were great, the sound system wonderful, just an enjoyable car to own and drive.

Mine was black with the black wheels, quite attractive. I did have problems with the paint. It didn't rust, but got faded out on one side and on the trunk.

I traveled a lot and this car made my trips a lot easier and more comfortable. In spite of the paint fading in places, I kept it clean and waxed always.

I received compliments on this car all the time about how attractive it was.

I went from my Pontiac to a Mini-van to accommodate my large dog, and it still feels I don't have control over my car like I did with my Pontiac.

I'm still not used to the huge difference. My Pontiac really hugged the road. I miss it.

13th Sep 2010, 09:31

Well, now that I have read all of these comments, I'm off to go get me a 1988 SSE Bonneville. Great price, and you all sold it so well, LOL.

So thank you all for helping me make up my mind.

Many Regards!